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Famous chefs create gourmet in-flight menus

British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has long been on a mission to stir his countrymen's culinary senses but the gastronomic pioneer has now turned his attentions to an altogether more complex pro

Celebrity chefs bring their magic to MSC Cruises gourmet voyages

Starting this winter, MSC Cruises will be bringing its guests the additional pleasures and insights of world-class cuisine prepared to perfection by specially-invited celebrity chefs from Spain, Italy

Celebrity chefs lead culinary tours around the world

Millions of tourists will fly this year to Tokyo, zip along on a bullet train and take in a view of Mount Fuji.

Airline food goes top-flight

What celebrity chef worth his lamb chops with pomegranate glaze would risk culinary shame by creating airline food – the butt of innumerable jokes about reheated hash that always seems to taste like chicken or even a salty tire?