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Making riding cable cars easier for San Francisco tourists

In 1873, Andrew Hallidie watched horses struggle to pull a rail car up Nob Hill lose their battle with gravity and get dragged downhill. Out of pity and compassion, he invented the cable car.

Fuse leaves tourists high and dry

For the second time this year tourists have been left dangling in cable cars high above Cape Town's Table Mountain.On Tuesday, scores of frustrated tourists and locals left the mountain without going on the cable car as intended.About 70 people got stuck in mid-air in the two cars for 35 minutes when a fuse blew.

SA tourists trapped in cable car

More than 30 people in South Africa were trapped in a cable car in mid-air for more than three hours near the top of Table Mountain after a power cut. Hundreds of others were stranded at a cafe on Cape Town's famous landmark having gone up on a "sunset special".The cable car is normally a five-minute journey, while it takes at least two hours to climb to the summit.