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Beacons of light shine around the globe for Her Majesty’s Diamond...

Hours before Queen Elizabeth II lit up the final beacon at the Buckingham Palace, rekindling an age of tradition, Seychelles, one of the Commonwealth countries of the monarch, has joined in the chain

Queen to open bedrooms to public

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Visitors to London will be able to book rooms and suites in Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace during the 2012 Olympics period.

Garden Cafe for Buckingham Palace tourists opens on Tuesday

Buckingham Palace, the London residence of the British sovereign, was building its first cafe for summer tourists in its 173 years of receiving royal guests - all while Queen Elizabeth II was away on

Buckingham Palace “should open more to tourists

LONDON - Buckingham Palace should open its doors to tourists more often and the money raised spent on maintaining crumbling royal buildings, a parliamentary watchdog said on Tuesday.

Tourists shunning Buckingham Palace

LONDON - A recent study of British tourism reveals foreigners are not very interested in visiting Buckingham Palace.VisitBritain researchers polled 26,000 people from 26 countries and their responses indicated a visit to the home of Queen Elizabeth II is nowhere near the top tourist destination in Britain, The Sunday Telegraph reported.