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Mexican billionaires beat Brazilians in wealth

SINGAPORE - The list of the top 10 wealthiest Latin Americans has been released today.

Three Brazilians names UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors

Three Brazilians – a businessman, a designer and an artist – will be formally named Goodwill Ambassadors for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Friday

Brazil identified as one of the emerging markets for Caribbean destinations

(eTN) - Brazil has being identified as one of the emerging markets that Caribbean tourism stakeholders believes can make a major difference once the correct marketing strategies are put in place.

Britons and Brazilians now have easier connection with TAM and bmi...

Travelers wishing to travel between the United Kingdom and Brazil are giving you another option starting today, April 14, thanks to a codeshare agreement between UK’s bmi and Brazil's TAM airlines.

Brazil tourism is up thanks to Brazilians

Brazil's tourism sector's revenue grew 20% in the first two months of the year boosted by domestic travelers, announced the Brazilian Tourism Ministry.

Tourism this week in Latin America

ARGENTINA Tourism is the third source of country’s income The thousands of Chileans, Brazilians, Europeans and North Americans, among other foreigners, who arrive every month to visit Argentina, have become the third source of the country’s income.Tours of US$1900 to see poverty