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New boss for Uganda tourism

Mr. Cuthbert Baguma has been appointed as the new general manager/CEO of the

New boss for Tanzania Tourist Board appointed

A few months after the statutory retirement of the former chief executive officer of the

Richard Fain: Biggest is best

These are the questions you like to be asked. “Have you cruised?” enquires Richard Fain, a burly American who seems to chew each word gruffly as he speaks. Never.

Silverjet boss reluctant to sell airline

Silverjet CEO Lawrence Hunt has admitted he is reluctant to sell the all-business class airline.When speaking to Aviation Business, Hunt said any bid for the publicly listed airline cannot be rejected outright under London Stock Exchange rules.But the British businessman added: "Now is the wrong time to sell, but if someone puts an offer on the table we have to consider it".

Former Indonesian airline boss jailed in Munir case

Jakarta - The former executive director of Indonesia's national airline Garuda, Indra Setiawan, has been sentenced by a Jakarta court to one year in jail for assisting in the killing of the human rights activist Munir Said Thailib.The court found him guilty of falsifying documents to help the killer travel on Mr Munir's flight.