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TSA to test machines that match boarding pass with passenger’s ID

Washington - In a move that could improve security and keep airport lines moving, the Transportation Security Administration early next year will begin testing machines that match a traveler's boardin

Ryanair threatening to refuse to let passengers board planes

In an escalating row over $54 boarding pass fee low-cost carrier Ryanair is threatening to refuse to allow passengers to board its planes unless they print their own boarding passes.

Mobile boarding passes launched by Continental Airlines at Frankfurt Airport

Continental Airlines today expanded its mobile boarding pass service to Frankfurt Airport, becoming the first US carrier to offer paperless boarding passes outside of the United States.

Airlines expanding cellphone boarding passes

More travelers are gaining a new weapon to help them avoid the long lines at the airport this spring and summer: their cellphones.

Air travellers using phones as boarding pass at nine US airports

Airline passengers are using their iPhones and BlackBerries as their boarding pass at nine airports around the United States.

Ads to be printed on airline boarding passes

Six international airlines have opened the door to advertisers with a new initiative that will allow ads to appear on boarding passes printed following online check-in.

Mobile phone boarding pass scheme ready for takeoff

(TVLW) - AIRLINE passengers in Australia could soon be able to use their mobile phones as boarding passes under a new scheme to be trialled this year.We can already watch movies, take photographs, read newspapers and play games, but airlines have now agreed on a new type of technology to allow the phone to be used to board aircraft.