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Airline can save $30 per flight for every minute cut from...

Airlines have raced to find the fastest way to board a plane for years, and with good reason. Less time spent on boarding can translate into cash.

Third party advertising authorized for Ryanair boarding cards

Following the introduction of Ryanair's 100 percent online check-in service, the airline has now authorized third-party advertising on its boarding cards.

United Airlines begins mobile boarding

United Airlines has launched mobile check-in, eliminating the need for a paper boarding pass.

Continental Airlines to start mobile boarding passes at Heathrow Airport

Continental Airlines announced today that it has expanded its mobile boarding pass service to London’s Heathrow Airport.

Southwest adds $10 “EarlyBird Check-in” charge

DALLAS – Unlike other carriers, Southwest Airlines doesn't give passengers assigned seats, but now for $10 each way it's giving customers a better shot at scoring a window or aisle seat.

For 10 bucks, Southwest Airlines will let you check-in early

Southwest Airlines announced today its newest product, EarlyBird Check-in, which gives customers the option to score an early boarding position by adding an additional US$10 to the price of a one-way

Air New Zealand streamlines domestic check-in and boarding

FORT LEE, NJ and AUCKLAND, New Zealand - On November 3, Air New Zealand made significant changes to its domestic check-in processes including the first of several major terminal improvements around th

American Airlines introduces mobile boarding passes at select airports

FORT WORTH, TX - American Airlines customers departing from select airports today can choose to receive their boarding passes electronically on their mobile phones or PDAs, saving the time it takes to

Upwardly mobile

It sounds surreal, but this system is being trialed by Lufthansa and BMI as technology grips its jaw around more aspects of travel and tourism.

Airline denies dying Florida man boarding at BIA

BANGOR-ETNA, Maine - Dennis Hill’s dying wish was to visit family in Maine and then return to his Lakeland, Fla., home that overlooked the water.

Airline to try paperless boarding

British airline bmi is to trial a paperless boarding system on flights between Belfast City Airport and London Heathrow.The airline said customers would receive an electronic boarding pass on their mobile phone after checking in online.

Swedish airline offers fingerprint check-In

No ID? No problem. In Sweden, all the identification you need to board an airplane is now at your fingertips—literally.Scandinavian Airlines Sweden (SAS) now allows travelers with luggage to board domestic flights by providing a scan of their index fingerprint.