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Alaska Airlines’ biofuel-powered service takes to the skies

SEATTLE, Wash. - Alaska Airlines inaugurated biofuel-powered passenger service this afternoon with two flights from Seattle to Washington, D.C., and Portland, Ore.

Telling aviation’s story

July and August remind me of the many great things that aviation makes possible. We are a force for good in the world, driving progress, growth, and wealth — both material and of the human spirit.

Lufthansa launches commercial passenger flights using biofuel

Lufthansa has launched the world’s first ever daily commercial passenger flights using biofuel.

Alaska Air, Boeing team up to develop and use biofuel in...

Alaska Airlines, Boeing and airports in the Pacific Northwest have teamed up in an effort to move towards the development and use of biofuel aviation fuels in the region.

Global aviation summit explores low-carbon flight

Developing a pathway towards the use of sustainable biofuels on commercial flights will be top of the agenda at the fourth Aviation and Environment Summit that begins today in Geneva, Switzerland.

Continental Jetliner to test biofuels

Continental Airlines next week could become the first U.S. airline to demonstrate passenger jets can fly on a special blend of algae, the jatropha weed and jet fuel.

Air New Zealand tests jet with biofuel

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – A passenger jet powered in part by vegetable oil successfully completed a two-hour flight Tuesday to test a biofuel that could lower airplane emissions and cut costs, Air N

Continental to test flight powered by biofuel

HOUSTON - Continental Airlines Inc. said Monday it will test the use of a biofuel blend to power one of its jetliners on a flight that won't carry any passengers.

Gulf Air joins leaders to accelerate development of sustainable biofuels

MANAMA, Bahrain (September 25, 2008) – Bahrain’s national carrier Gulf Air has, with other leading airlines, Boeing and Honeywell’s UOP, a refining technology developer, established a group whos

Airline flies Boeing 747 with biofuel

LONDON - Virgin Atlantic carried out the world's first flight of a commercial aircraft powered with biofuel on Sunday in an effort to show it can produce less carbon dioxide than normal jet fuels.

‘We will have to see what comes’ of biofuel test, Virgin...

For years, the "green" movement has battled to secure a place within the American national consciousness. But now it looks as if it's about to take off -- literally.

Virgin Atlantic to run 747 on biofuel in February

(eTN) - Virgin Atlantic, one of the world's leading long-haul airlines, today said it will fly one of its Boeing 747s on biofuel during a demonstration flight in February. It will be the first time that a commercial aircraft has run biofuel in-flight and is part of a major initiative among some airlines and Boeing to discover sources of sustainable aircraft fuel for the future.