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Chinese: They are coming to America

HONOLULU (eTN) - The China National Tourist Office has announced that a senior China tourism delegation is scheduled to visit the United States.

‘Smoke’ in Chinese kitchen rattles Olympics cheer

An emergency landing following an attempted terrorist attack on board a plane en route to Beijing from the northwestern city of Lanzhou, in

Not all eyes are on Beijing

China is indeed on course to becoming a tourism hotspot, as the country continues to open up to foreign visitors.

Beijing Olympic tickets scammer first winner in global Internet scam

Just days ahead of the Beijing Olympics opening, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and US Olympic Committee have filed a lawsuit in the US to shut down a fraudulent Internet site offering non-

Early Olympic Village settlers, media representatives face censorship, skyrocketing Internet charges

Media representatives from around the world, early settlers at the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games have been told by the Beijing Organizing Committee of the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG) that there will b

Not all of China is aiming to benefit from Beijing Olympics

Not all of China is banking on this summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing. This is what tourism officials from Hangzhou, a progressive and prominent Chinese tourist city, said during the city’s recent unveiling at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) held last week in Dubai at the Dubai International Convention Center.

US issues Beijing Olympics travel warning

(eTN) - Citing that "there is a heightened risk of attacks" during the Beijing Olympics, the US State Department has warned travelers that extremist groups might conduct terrorist acts within China "in the near future."

Dalai Lama’s US visit roils US-China relations

The Dalai Lama's high-profile visit is stirring pro- and anti-China sentiment in the US as the White House prepares to host the exiled Tibetan leader next week.

‘King of Chinese beer’ joins in on Olympic fever

(eTN) – China is serious about hosting the upcoming Summer Olympics. The latest Chinese company to join the Olympic bandwagon is China’s oldest and most popular beer, Tsingtao. The company has signed on as an official sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

China, Tibet, the Olympics and tourism: Crisis or opportunity?

The recent disturbing events in Tibet and China’s heavy handed response to Tibetan protests reveal the current state of political leadership in China and the timidity of international response.

China: Dalai Lama caused riots to damage Olympics

CHENGDU, China (AP) — China accused the Dalai Lama on Sunday of orchestrating the recent anti-government riots in Tibet in a bid to mar the Beijing Olympics and overthrow the area's communist leaders.

China moves to arrest hundreds as Tibet deadline passes

KATHMANDU — Authorities in the Tibetan capital began arresting hundreds of people in the wake of anti-Chinese protests over the weekend as a deadline passed for those involved in the marches, demonstrations, and rioting to “surrender” to police, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reports.

Singapore: On a high after big win for sports tourism

(eTN) - Singaporeans are still rejoicing at the announcement by Jacques Rogge, International Olympic Council (IOC) president, that Singapore has won the bid to host the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2010 over nine other cities.

So far, so good for Beijing Olympics tickets sale

(eTN) - The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games ticket is already a winner. The Beijing Organizing Committees of the Olympic Games (BOCOG) said bookings for the artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, table tennis, diving and synchronized swimming in which the Chinese are expected to be fierce competitors are already over-booked.