Florida pilot completes record-setting solo around-the-world flight

editor editor- September 21, 2016 03:55

ADDISON, TX - West Palm Beach-based flight instructor Zheng “Julie" Wang landed her single piston-engine propeller aircraft at Addison Airport in Dallas, returning to the place from which she depart Read More

Avgas fuel in Uganda goes missing again

editor editor- May 10, 2010 02:57

Air operators using conventional single or twin-piston-engined aircraft are once again up in arms over the fresh shortage of AVGAS, the "juice which makes our aircraft fly" as one of ... Read More

AVGAS aviation fuel a disaster in Uganda

editor editor- April 7, 2010 01:11

The current supply of AVGAS, an aviation fuel mainly used by light single and twin engine aircraft operating with the traditional piston engines, has run out again in Uganda, and ... Read More

East African airlines expect trouble over fuel prices

editor editor- June 12, 2008 06:53

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - Smaller airlines operating in the region and using outdated fuel guzzling equipment are set for serious financial trouble should fuel prices continue to rise. Read More