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US tourists in Israel warned to dress “modestly” for fear of...

The US State Department is concerned over recent violence exhibited by extremists in Israel's haredi community and has published a travel recommendation for tourists: Do not walk around dressed immode

Riga, Latvia: Enter at your own risk

OTTAWA — The Foreign Affairs Department is warning tourists heading to Latvia to watch out for scam artists operating in bars in the capital, Riga.

Thais scramble to allay tourist fears after recent assaults

BANGKOK - The Thai police will hand out whistles to female tourists after the latest in a long series of periodic sexual assaults and killings on beaches and elsewhere in the country, officials said.

eTN Inbox: Assault on American tourists

Having just returned from Baja (Los Cabos, I can tell you that this story on assaults on American tourists is blown way out of proportion. (I couldn't read the whole story, so perhaps it only refers to northern Baja??)1. The area was jam packed with American tourists. Claiming 100 percent capacity, hotels, condos, and other residence options were pretty much at capacity.