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Canadian tourist arrested in Cambodia on child sex charges

A Canadian tourist is awaiting trial in Cambodia after being arrested on child-prostitution charges.

Tourists tell police public urination is common in Spain

QUEENSTOWN, New Zealand - Two female Spanish tourists arrested for urinating in the Queenstown KFC driveway this morning responded with surprise, telling police public urination was common in their co

Thailand tells visitors not to buy any ivory products

Foreigners visiting Thailand have been advised not to buy elephant tusks or any ivory products, even if it is something as small as an earring or a bracelet.

Thai suspect arrested over murder of UK visitor

Police in Thailand have arrested a man in connection with the killing of a British tourist who was shot dead at a New Year's Eve party after getting caught in the crossfire of a gunfight between two l

Ukrainian tourist arrested in Indonesia’s restive Papua

Indonesian police in restive Papua on Saturday detained a Ukrainian tourist attending a prayer session to commemorate the 51st anniversary of the region’s movement for independence.

Maldives police arrests former president Mohamed Nasheed

NEW DELHI, India - Police in the Maldives arrested the Indian Ocean nation's former president Mohamed Nasheed on Monday after he didn't show up for a trial over accusations against him of abuse of pow

Italian police detains fake pilot in Turin airport

Police in Italy detained a 32-year-old man, who was claiming to be a Lufthansa pilot, so he could fly in the cockpit of planes.

Swiss tourist arrested in Zimbabwe for “insulting” Mugabe

(eTN) - According to a report in Zim Daily, a Swiss tourist was arrested at the border for insulting the President. The Swiss man and his wife were traveling from Zambia to Mana Pools.

United Air passenger indicted for sexually abusing sleeping woman on plane

A New Jersey man was indicted Thursday for allegedly sexually abusing a woman who was asleep on an airplane, the U.S. District Attorney's Office said.

Two UK tourists arrested at Grenada airport with 1.3kg of cocaine...

Two British tourists have been charged with drug possession and trafficking after authorities in Grenada allegedly found 1.3 kilograms of cocaine concealed in their luggage.

Bahraini prince arrested for being drunk and disorderly on BA flight

So much for Ramadan... A drunk Arab prince was threatened with 50,000-volt Tasers by gun cops after trying to storm the flight deck of a British Airways jet.

Irish tourist goes on crime spree in Australia

An Irish tourist used illegally obtained credit card numbers to live in luxury during a six-week crime spree in Australia that has been compared by his lawyer with the wild bachelor party in the comed

Indian police detains French tourists for Maoist ties

Nine French tourists have been ejected from the eastern Indian state of Bihar for their alleged involvement in Maoist activities, police officials said.

Israeli counterfeit US visa ring busted

Police have arrested a group of con men they say arranged counterfeit tourist visas for dozens of Israeli youths currently in the United States illegally.

2 Americans on Caribbean gay cruise arrested in Dominica

ROSEAU, Dominica — Two passengers on a Caribbean gay cruise were detained in Dominica, where sex between two men is illegal.

Four Chinese arrested in Zimbabwe for killing, eating rare tortoises

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Four Chinese nationals have pleaded guilty to engaging in the mass slaughter of precious endangered species – tortoises which they were killing daily for their daily food.

Sri Lankan politician held in connection with killing of UK tourist

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - A ruling party politician has been arrested in Sri Lanka and remanded to custody in connection with the last week's killing of a British national in a southern coastal resort.

FAA boss resigns after drunk driving arrest

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Federal Aviation Administrator Randy Babbitt resigned Tuesday, three days after he was arrested on a drunk driving charge near his suburban Washington home.

Alabama’s absurd new immigration law lands Mercedes exec in jail

Police in Alabama arrested and briefly held a visiting Mercedes-Benz executive from Germany for not having a drivers license, drawing attention to the US state's controversial new immigration law.

US passenger arrested for stealing from Icelandair flight attendant

An airline passenger was arrested as he left a flight after being accused of stealing $300 from the purse of a flight attendant.

US cruise tourist busted with pot in Bermuda

In Magistrates Court this morning [Sept.22], 35-year-old American tourist Gabriel Rivera pleaded guilty to possession of 6.0 grams of cannabis.

CAIR: US Muslim on no-fly list detained in UK

WASHINGTON - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) reported today that an Oregon Muslim who traveled by ship to Europe because he is on the U.S.

UN: Belarus must guarantee well-being of detained rights defender

The United Nations today voiced its concern about the arrest of the prominent Belarusian human rights defender Ales Bialatski and called on authorities to guarantee his well-being.

US Airways’ passenger arrested for making terroristic threats

Philadelphia - Police arrested a woman Wednesday at Philadelphia International Airport after authorities alleged she made terroristic threats and intimidated passengers and crew.

Feds arrest 10 Delta Air employees at Detroit and Houston airports

Federal agents arrested 10 current or former Delta employees Thursday for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking at airports in Detroit and Houston, authorities said.

Air India pilot arrested for faking papers to obtain license

NEW DELHI, India - The crime branch of Delhi police has arrested an Air India pilot JK Verma in the capital for allegedly using forged marksheets to procure a licence from country's airline regulator,

Canadian tourist arrested for giving Nazi salute in Berlin

The 30-year-old Canadian was standing on the steps of the German parliament building with his right arm raised as his girlfriend, 29, photographed him in the forbidden pose.

Tourist forced into prostitution in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv police arrested three people on Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping a 23-year-old tourist and forcing her into a prostitution ring.

Bomb threat prompts Iberia plane evacuation

SANTIAGO, Chile – A bomb threat prompted Chilean authorities to evacuate passengers and crew from an Iberia airline flight to Madrid, Spain on Sunday.

Korean visitor arrested for trespassing at the Dakota

NEW YORK - A Korean tourist faces a misdemeanor trespassing charge after he somehow got into an apartment building in New York City and rode the elevator with Yoko Ono, authorities say.