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Opening of the Emerald Bay Hotel upgrades the archeology themed Cambrian Town Happy World Resort

Dmytro Makarov Dmytro Makarov- June 3, 2019 07:49

The Emerald Bay Hotel opens to the public today, offering tourists a premium hospitality service while visiting the newly opened Yunnan Cambrian Town Happy World. Celebrated as one of the ... Read More

Be an Archeologist for a Week or Adopt a Site and ‘Dig it’ each Year!

- August 30, 2010 10:37

It's now possible to travel and work with Israel's most fascinating Archeologist, Dr. Jessie Pincus. Read More

New discovery in Thebes

editor editor- April 2, 2010 06:49

A large red granite false door belonging to the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut’s vizier User and his wife Toy has been unearthed in front of Read More