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Egypt moves to restrict sale of alcohol

This week the government – led by Mohamed Morsi of the Freedom and Justice Party, which has strong links to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood – said it will no longer issue licenses to sell alcohol

Egypt bans alcohol on Islamic holidays

Along with month of Ramadan, Egyptians won't be able to purchase alcoholic beverages during 4 other major Islamic holidays, according to new decision by minister of tourism.

Mid-east kingdom to ban alcohol

Bad news hit many hotels, restaurants and other tourist outlets in the tiny Middle East kingdom of Bahrain as the parliament unanimously voted March 6 of a blanket ban on public sales of alcohol.

Alcohol ban will hurt Thai tourism, says president

The Thai government is currently under pressure from anti-alcohol groups in the country to ban all alcohol sales in the country during the Thai New Year Songkran holiday April 11 -15.

A tourism resort has been given a liquor license, even though...

(eTN) - The Dugong Beach resort on Groote Eylandt will be able to serve alcohol under strict conditions, news.com.au reported. Under the rule, international guests will have to stow any duty-free grog with policeduring their stay. Meanwhile, local residents will be allowed to buy alcohol only with a meal.