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Senate unanimously passed legislation to end air traffic controller furloughs

WASHINGTON, D.C. - US Senate acted swiftly late on Thursday to end air traffic controller furloughs that were creating massive flight delays.

FAA is putting air traffic controllers in the cockpit

Washington - All day, almost every day, air traffic controller Chris Boughn talks to pilots.

Aviation news: Uganda air traffic controllers next exodus targets

UGANDA (eTN) - International airlines, especially those based in the Gulf region, have in the past made it almost a habit to snap up trained pilots, cabin crew, and technical personnel from carriers i

Spanish air traffic controllers’ strike canceled

Spain's air traffic controllers have called off a strike planned for later this month, saying they don't want to further dent the country's troubled tourism industry.

Spanish air traffic controllers urged to accept government’s arbitration

Madrid - Spain's travel companies association urged air traffic controllers Saturday to accept a government offer of arbitration to avoid a strike that could wreak economic havoc at the height of the

Spanish air traffic controllers vote to strike in August

Hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers face travel chaos after Spain’s air traffic controllers voted to strike in a row over pay and working hours.

France: Hundreds of flights canceled due to traffic controllers’ strike

PARIS – Hundreds of flights in France were canceled and smaller airports shut down Wednesday because of a strike by air traffic controllers worried about a plan to unify control of European air spac

IFALPA calls on Tokyo Supreme Court to overturn controller convictions

CHERTSEY - The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) is calling on the Tokyo Supreme Court to overturn the convictions of Hideki Hachitani, a student air traffic control

Airline pilots fill airwaves with love talk

MANILA, Philippines - Love is in the airwaves, literally.Besides “10-4,” exchanges of “1-4-3” fill the restricted aviation radio frequency on days like this as airline pilots deviate from strict transmission protocol to pursue the hearts of female air traffic controllers (ATCs).