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South Africa to host special event for World AIDS Awarness Day

STOWE, Vermont - CDI International and the Gauteng North Netball Association, led by the Team Manager of South Africa’s National Netball team, the Proteas, will host a special event at the Centenary

Global meeting starts with call to action to end AIDS

Top United Nations officials today issued a call to action to end AIDS, stressing the need for a broad partnership among governments, the private sector and civil society to combat an epidemic that is

Tourism officials fear AIDS will undermine Bali’s tourist image

A leading tourism official said on Wednesday that child prostitution was a major contributor to increasing HIV/AIDS cases in the country’s tourism hot spots, while another official from Bali claimed

China ends travel ban on visitors with HIV and AIDS

BEIJING – China has lifted a two-decade-old ban on people with HIV and AIDS from entering the country, just as it is about to welcome the world to the Shanghai Expo.

DC secures XIX International AIDS Conference for July 2012

On World AIDS Day, local meetings and hospitality industry officials announced that they had secured the XIX International AIDS Conference for Washington, DC.

UN health effort to get boost from airline tickets sales

MINNEAPOLIS — Travelers will soon have the chance to donate $2 or more to help fight AIDS in developing countries when they buy an airline ticket.

Bush visit to Africa and Tanzania brings hopes

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) – US President George W. Bush, on his day visit to Tanzania, signed the largest US financial support to Tanzania, targeting the infectious diseases and economic development projects in the sub-Saharan single nation.

Resurgent tourism growth sparks female HIV/AIDS infections

After the reeling effects of a 11 year old civil conflict which nearly saw the death of Nepal´s tourism industry, the country in 2008 is quickly surging back to become the world´s number one adventure tourism destination with a robust cumulative 33% growth rate compared to last year, a 24% increase in air arrivals in January 2008, and a multitude of services offered to the tourists.