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Bali marine tourism continue to flourish

BALI, Indonesia - Marine tourism operators in Bali said their businesses continued to thrive and would continue to do so, despite some accidents during water-sport-activities.

Some of the world’s deadliest airline catastrophes

A look at some of the world's deadliest air disasters:

According to federal records numerous airline accidents happened in last 5...

Since 2005, there have been numerous airline accidents, as well as thousands of minor mistakes, according to federal records.Fatal accidents:

Namibia improves air safety record

Figures on aircraft accidents and incidents that were recorded in Namibia over the first six months of the year indicate that this has been the safest first half of the year for the country's aviation

Regional Airline Association sets goal of zero accidents

In testimony before the United States House of Representatives Aviation Subcommittee yesterday, Regional Airline Association president Roger Cohen told congress that the industry has embarked upon a S

Attempts to view Turkish Airline wreckage over the weekend led to...

HAARLEMMERMEER — Disaster tourists caused havoc Sunday on the A9 into Amsterdam when attempting to catch a glimpse of the Turkish Airline wreckage.

Major plane crashes involving New York City airports

Feb. 1, 1957 - Twenty people died when a Miami-bound airliner crashed onto Rikers Island moments after taking off from LaGuardia in a blinding snowstorm. Seventy-four others onboard survived.

Airlines record safest 2 years

For the first time since the dawn of the jet age, two consecutive years have passed without a single airline passenger death on a U.S. carrier.

When cruise vacations end tragically, who’s to blame?

The idea of going over the side of a cruise ship is horrifying.

Half airline accidents occur upon landing

GENEVA (Reuters) - About half of the 100 airline accidents worldwide last year took place during landing, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Thursday.Many of those accidents could have been avoided if pilots made a second attempt at the runway, or if obstacles on the ground were properly cleared, according to a safety report by the Geneva-based industry group.

Indonesian airline risks suspension

Indonesia's transport minister has warned that budget airline Adam Air could be forced to halt its operations after a series of accidents involving the carrier, state media reports.In the latest incident, a Boeing 737-400 operated by Adam Air with more than 170 people on board overshot the runway at the airport on Batam island, causing damage to the plane and injuring five people.

U.S. tourist in Tokyo struck, killed by taxi

(eTN) - An American tourist died after being hit by a taxi while crossing a road in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, early Saturday morning, less than 24 hours after he had arrived in the country, police said.