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Chinese tourists’ abuse of dying dolphin creates wave of public outrage

SANYA, Hainan - Tourists abused an injured dolphin that was beached in south China on Sunday, resulting in the animal's death as well as a wave of public outrage.

Frequently complaining rabbi booted from frequent flier program

Can complaining too much get you booted from a frequent flier program?

Union Minister refutes allegations of abusing airline staff

New Delhi - Refuting allegations of slapping and abusing the Kingfisher Airlines staff in Patna, Union Minister Akhilesh Prasad Singh on Tuesday said he would complain about the airline's "irresponsib

In India today, ‘women have to be brave’

NEW DELHI, India - Every morning, Gitanjali Chaudhry, 17, walks to her high school through a labyrinth of temples and vegetable markets.

EU survey finds widespread abuses on airline and travel Web sites

BRUSSELS - One in three European airline and travel Web sites conceal the true cost of flights until consumers are close to booking, according to a report from the European Commission, which on Thursday is to threaten new measures against the industry if the abuses continue.

Tourism warned against abusing Olympic symbols

China's tourism industry has been warned against the illegal use of Olympic logos and slogans.The China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) says that tourism businesses can't use the Beijing Olympic logos or other Olympic-related slogans in their promotion activities without proper authorization.

Law against airline passenger abuse takes effect Jan. 1

(TVLW) - The courts don't ordinarily keep the holidays in mind when deciding when to rule, but an Albany judge's decision backing airline passenger rights fits in well with holiday traveling.