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Let’s all pile on the 787

It appears to be open season on Boeing, the FAA, the Japanese regulators, airlines, and anyone else who dares be part of the 787. Fair enough.

Kenya Airways sticks with Dreamliner – for now

(eTN) - Kenya Airways, aka The Pride of Africa, has downplayed the current hullabaloo about Boeing’s B787 Dreamliner, of which the airline has 9 such aircraft on firm order, plus an additional 4 on

Another Dreamliner catches on fire

A Japan Airlines 787 Dreamlinder, which had just arrived at Logan Airport in Boston from Tokyo at 10:00 am on Monday morning and deplaned all passengers and crew, was being prepared for a noon departu

Boeing 787 Dreamliner sets speed, distance records

EVERETT, Wash. - Boeing has established two world records with the 787 Dreamliner, setting new marks for both speed and distance for the airplane's weight class.

Boeing tests Dreamliner in varied weather conditions

EVERETT, Washington - Boeing's Dreamliner test airplanes, also known as ZA001 - ZA002, ZA003, ZA004, and ZA005 - are going through the rigors of varied weather conditions and other factors.

Dreamliner test engine breaks apart

EVERETT, WA - The Boeing Company made an announcement today saying that it now expects delivery of the first 787 in the middle of the first quarter 2011.

Aviation news: Continental provides sneak peak of Dreamliner

HOUSTON, TX – Continental Airlines gave participants at the 2010 National Business Travel Association (NBTA) International Convention & Expo today a sneak preview of their 787 Dreamliner.

Boeing 787 woes worsen

While Kenya Airways is now actively considering what model of aircraft it will choose to substitute its well near failed order of the B787, the US-based commercial aircraft manufacturer had to digest

New schedule for production of 787 Dreamliner

Reflecting the previously announced need to reinforce an area within the side-of-body section of the 787 Dreamliner aircraft, along with the addition of several weeks of schedule margin to reduce flig

In yet another blow for Boeing Qantas cancels order for 787...

Three years ago, Airbus looked like a fumbling laggard.

Chinese airline: 787 not good enough

Shanghai Airlines, one of six Chinese airlines that in 2005 ordered a total of 60 787s, may not take some of its nine planes, the airline's chairman said.

Boeing wins 777 orders; Avoids more 787 losses

CHICAGO - Boeing Co. said Thursday that it had secured orders for three 777 aircraft over the past week and avoided any more cancellations for its 787 and other models.

Boeing faces double blow with cancelled 787 Dreamliner orders

In the last two weeks, the US commercial aircraft manufacturer Boeing has had to deal with two airlines canceling their orders of the much-hyped 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Boeing’s 787 may suffer further delay, Japan Air says

Boeing Co., whose 787 Dreamliner has already been delayed three times, may postpone deliveries by a further six months as it struggles with production woes and the legacy of a strike, Japan Airlines C

Gulf Air orders 16 Boeing 787s for $4B

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Bahrain-based airline Gulf Air has ordered 16 of Boeing Co.'s new 787 Dreamliners valued at around $4 billion dollars, with an option for eight more, an airline official said Sunday. "The deal is worth $4 billion at list prices but would rise to $6 billion if we include the options," said Adnan Malek, a spokesman for Gulf Air.

Boeing finalizes 787 order with Vietnam Airlines and Vietnam Aircraft Leasing

SEATTLE (TVLW) - The Boeing Company today announced that Vietnam Airlines and Vietnam Aircraft Leasing Co. (VALC) have finalized an order for a total of 12 Boeing 787-8s with a list value of approximately US$ 2 billion. Vietnam Airlines will take four of the new airplanes and VALC will purchase the remaining eight Dreamliners, leasing them to Vietnam Airlines.