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Hotels cashing in on the “end of the world”

If you believe the Mayas, the end of the world is near.

Top ten 2012 US meeting trends

The list of "Top Ten Meeting Trends for 2012" has been revealed by US-based hospitality management industry.

UN: 2012 – the year of one billionth tourist

The United Nations, which commemorated the birth of the world's seven billionth baby last October, is predicting the arrival of the one billionth tourist later this year - perhaps in Europe, the Unite

Brits would rather quit chocolate than smoking in 2012

LEEDS, England - More people would like to cut down on or give up chocolate than smoking this year, according to the Interflora New Year's Resolution Survey.

Huge debt burden looms for Indian airlines in 2012

The Indian airline industry is expected to suffer a huge debt burden of $ 20 bn in 2011-12, with the Planning Commission recommending "significant and continuous investment" to give a boost to the cas

Ukraine and Poland among top 2012 travel destination in Europe

KYIV, Ukraine - The list of the most attractive travel destinations in 2012 has been published today. The Top 3 places to visit included Southern Korean Yeosu, Antarctica, Ukraine and Poland.

Cruising 2012: New smoking policies, hot destinations, onboard fees

PENNINGTON, N.J. - Looking at what's in store for cruisers in 2012, here's a list of what is -- and what isn't -- likely to make waves in the next twelve months. Making Waves in 2012

Nine hottest travel destinations for 2012

Where exactly should you go in 2012? As always, some places will stand out above the rest when it comes to unforgettable things to do and see. Here are nine of the top destinations for 2012:

Indonesia’s airline sector prepared to soar in 2012

Indonesia’s airline sector got off to a rough start earlier this year as higher fuel prices reduced profitability, but the sector is prepared to soar in 2012 as new operators and strong economic gro

Over 20 million people predicted to take cruises in 2012

Ongoing demand for cruise holidays is set to take annual passenger numbers to a record high of 20.3 million next year, according to a new trends forecast.

Visit Scotland in 2012 for a creative bonanza

EDINBURGH, Scotland - Year-round festivals and events, prize-winning art, architecture and design, world-renowned literature, contemporary music and unique arts and crafts are just some of the creativ

Crystal Cruises announces 2012 theme voyages

HONG KONG – Addressing the desires of niche-interest travelers, ultra-luxe Crystal Cruises announces 25 Experiences of Discovery® cruises for 2012.

Medical tourism to turn into $100 billion trade by 2012

DUBAI, UAE - The medical tourism sector is growing exponentially all over the world and is set to become a USD 100 billion sector by 2012, a new report has said.

Commercial travel to outer space a reality by 2012

The latest trend in eco-tourism is completely out of this world ... and right around the corner.

Space tourism to take flight in 2012

STOCKHOLM — Short tourist flights into space are expected to begin launching from northern Sweden in 2012, one of the companies involved in the project said Wednesday.

BA to be named official airline of London 2012 Olympics

LONDON - British Airways PLC will be unveiled as the official airline of the London 2012 Olympics next week in a deal worth some 50 mln stg, reported Marketing magazine.