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Surprise Volcano Eruption after a series of Earthquakes


The photos coming from Iceland about a new volcano eruption ook gigantic. This time air travel remains and there is no direct danger.

  1. A volcano eruption in Iceland 40 miles south of the Capital Reykjavík
  2. The International Airport Keflavik is operating normally and flight traffic is not affected.
  3. The unexpected eruption followed a heavy series of local earthquakes.

Tourists should not try to get close to the volcano or travel to the eruption area, as warned by the Government of Iceland.

The lava flows cover an area that is at most about 500 meters wide. The eruption is limited to a small area in the Geldingadalir valley and it is unlikely that lava flow will cause damage to infrastructure

The volcanic activity along the eruptive fissure has decreased somewhat since yesterday. The lava fountains from the vents on the eruptive fissure are only weak and the lava output rate is small, the Icelandic Met Office (IMO) who monitor the eruption reported.

Record-breaking number of earthquakes preceding the eruption
Following weeks of consistent seismic activities totaling over 50,000 quakes since 24 February 2021, Iceland’s Krysuvik Volcanic System finally erupted. The number of earthquakes recorded during the build-up preceding the eruption is easily the largest number of earthquakes during a seismic swarm ever recorded in Iceland!

According to the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO), the eruption started at 8:45 pm local time in Fagradalsfjall in Geldingadalur. The eruption was first observed on a web camera positioned close by. IMO also confirmed the eruption on thermal satellite imagery.

iceland volvano

The fissure is located in a valley about 4.7 km from the southern coast of the Peninsula. Grindavik is the closest populated area located 10 km southwest of the eruption site, but it is currently uninhabited. IMO stated that seismic activities and magma intrusions has been lower in the recent days. Low-frequency earthquakes were recorded below Fagradalsfjall earlier in the day.

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