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Summer travel is back on for Americans and Canadians

Summer travel is back on for Americans and Canadians
Summer travel is back on for Americans and Canadians
Written by Harry Johnson

The findings from American & Canadian respondents to the 2022 Holiday Barometer were released today.

The survey was conducted between April 22 and May 13, 2022.

This was the first year Canada was surveyed as part of the Holiday Barometer. 

Based on the survey of 1000 residents of each country, summer travel is close to returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Of the Americans surveyed, 60% say they intend to travel this summer – a 10-point jump from 2021 and approaching pre-pandemic levels.

A similar number of Canadians surveyed also indicated they plan to travel this summer (61%). Those traveling are waiting longer to book their travel, however, with only 50% of Americans who said they were planning to travel having started to book their trips. 

Even more Canadians are procrastinating on booking their travel plans, only 42% of Canadians who indicated they plan to travel have booked their summer plans.      

Even though travelers still need to take COVID-19-related precautions, it is reassuring that Americans are traveling again.  Last year, the Americans who took the Holiday Barometer survey were optimistic about travel returning to normal in 2022 and seem to have been proven right.

The number of Americans and Canadians who are traveling this summer is a great sign for the industry and, with increased travel budgets, the future of travel is looking up.

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