For travel brands with a story to tell!

For travel brands with a story to tell!
  • We welcome your press releases.  Our goal is to turn it into amazing content our audience would love to read.
  • Websites grow with the right kind of traffic. Organic paid media, social, and content. With the right kind of digital recipe and a plan, we start to Increase eyeballs and conversion.
  • We will add trigger words and research searches for SEO and prominence before publishing releases and stories.
  • Of course, we welcome PR agencies to work with us.
  • Subject to meeting quality guidelines, your news will index in major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Subject to Google, Bing, and Yahoo News guidelines, your news will appear on the respective news websites. This creates enormous visibility for your brand, product, and services. ​
  • We may convert your release or story into a podcast and include it on the article and on our 9 prominent podcasts channels from Livestream, Apple, Spotify, Google, and others
  • We will also post your story to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, Telegram, and our WhatsApp and SMS news stream.  This way your news will reach a larger user base. 
  • We will include your news on email newsletters, breaking news alerts, and Browser POP up flash news,
  • Our specialty is travel and tourism, but we’re good for many other brands.