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Strengthening Human Connections: Now There’s an App for That

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Heallo, a new smartphone application focused on strengthening personal human connections, launches Tuesday, December 14.

Named to combine healing with saying “hello,” Heallo allows users to share feelings and be present for one another in a meaningful way by simply touching their smartphones.

Heallo’s launch is timely as the industry shifts focus to creating tools that enhance wellness and presence, as evidenced by the Headspace and Ginger merger, and Mark Zuckerberg’s controversial plan to create a virtual world mimicking realistic presence.

To use Heallo, people touch their phone screens for at least 30 seconds to connect with a friend, family member, colleague, client or group. They can also connect with others who are feeling similar emotions in a given moment — grief, joy, loneliness or gratitude — or to meditate.

Heallo greetings conclude with a sketch — drawn with a finger on the screen — such as a smiley face, heart, or something more elaborate. They can be sent in any circumstance from thanking a friend after a lunch to expressing condolences after a death.

Romain Daumont developed Heallo after losing his two-day-old son to a rare genetic condition. Grieving and lost, Daumont had a revelation that a person’s presence is more important than words.

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Through Heallo, Daumont redefines MMS from Multimedia Messaging Service to Mindful Messaging Service, by creating connections through simple touch and presence. And, the holiday season is the perfect time to unveil Heallo, as it gives people a different way to connect; one that is a non-verbal, mindful and meaningful.

The app’s launch is global, and the website is offered in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Indonesian and will soon be available in Portuguese, Greek and Turkish.

Heallo’s data is fully encrypted to protect users.

“Heallo will transform the way we communicate,” says Daumont. “When we think about someone, do we always call or text? Sometimes we don’t know what to say, or don’t want to use words. Heallo enables us to express presence and feelings in the simplest way: with touch. It’s more than an alternative to phone or text, it’s addressing a need that wasn’t addressed before. Connecting with the people we love through Heallo will become one of our healthiest and happiest smartphone activities.”

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