Stop UNWTO SG! Caribbean Tourism Leader Calls for Drastic Action

Sharon Parris-Chambers
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Let’s Do It in the Caribbean – rescuing UNWTO from its Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili to become the next dictator in world tourism.

Famous beyond Jamaica, and known as a prominent global leader in the Caribbean Travel and Tourism industry.

Sharon Parris-Chambers is calling for member states to stop UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Polikashvili from changing the rules in UNWTO. Changing rules would open the doors for the SG for an illegal third term in office.

Ironically the two previous secretary elections were both based on irregularities and bending rules and procedures allowing Zurab to now be fully in control.

Previous desperate pleas, including open letters by two former UNWTO Secretary Generals Dr. Taleb Rifai and Francesco Frangialli, did not stop Zurab Polikashvil from continuing his highly questionable approach in two previous elections.

A desperate plea from a whistleblower within the UNWTO Headquarters Madrid or perhaps a group of whistleblowers reached out to eTurboNews last week to make his, or their voice(s) heard now.

This desperate plea was meant to get the attention of UNWTO member states around the world. It was also another attempt to get stakeholders within this United Nations Affiliated Agency to react.

Since even two former secretary generals weren’t able to wake up ministers of tourism, the whistleblower gave it another attempt and is now getting prominent support again to stop the current secretary General Zurab Polikashvili in his hunger for power.

Geo Politics ruled the organization for many years. This organization was designed to promote tourism and not foreign politics – but this may have been wishful thinking and apparently still is.

It appears UNWTO member countries don’t care, or better they are not allowed to care.

to openly respond to the whistleblower’s latest plea to stop the UNWTO Secretary-General from changing the rules, so he could be confirmed in his post for the rest of his life. The two-term time limit may be overruled by member states at the upcoming General Assembly in Uzbekistan later this month.

Presidents, prime ministers, and foreign ministries always controlled tourism in many countries. Tourism is often seen as a sector with less important political relevance, and a good sector to bargain bigger issues.

Two prominent ministers told eTurboNews, that they would expect a debate in the upcoming General Assembly in Uzbekistan about this issue – what of course would be good news.

Let’s Do It from the Caribbean and from Jamaica

Now Sharon Parris-Chambers, a prominent Caribbean Tourism Leader and CEO of Let’s Do It in the Caribbean, and a famous travel and tourism personality from Jamaica had enough. She added her prominent voice to this issue.

Her appeal may get the attention also of her own prominent Jamaica minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett who is currently serving on the UNWTO Executive Council and represents the Americas region until 2027.

Sharon is a leader in the development of Health Tourism, Sharon was instrumental in helping to establish Jamaica as a Health and spa destination (2005-2009) by working collaboratively with Jamaica’s Ministry of Tourism and its agencies (Tourism Product Development Co. and Jamaica Tourist Board); Jamaica Promotions Company (JAMPRO) and the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC).

Sharon and her partner, Theo Chambers were the founders of the first Spa Association in Jamaica, the Caribbean Resort and Day Spa Association, and the Caribbean Chapter of the International Medical Spa Association. Sharon is a former V.P. of the Spa Standards Steering Committee and has been recognized by Tourism Product Development Company and the Bureau of Standards Jamaica for leading the Spa Standards development, which has been approved for implementation in Jamaica and thereafter in the wider Caribbean.

She has been selected by the Cabinet to serve on the Jamaica Health & Wellness Task Force for Health Tourism development. Sharon is listed in International Health Tourism Who is Who.

Sharon Parris-Chambers speaks out against the UNWTO Secretary General.

She told eTurboNews: If the Whistleblower and his faction do not stage a Bigger coup, then the UNWTO will become the pariah of Global tourism organizations. The Fall from grace will be very dishonorable, to say the least. Thank you again for continuing to hold a sharp focus on the UNWTO, exposing its corruption through your excellent journalism. I no longer, as a person of good moral standing can follow and respect an organization such as the UNWTO in its corrupt state.”

The UNWTO writer (Whistleblower) is asking for intervention before the situation reaches a point of no return. this is a plea from hell, a place of turmoil and darkness.

This is the fate of the UNWTO, an organization that I used to respect.

The same level of unscrupulous behavior that brought Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili into the leadership of the UNWTO has escalated into the depths of hell. Can a drop of water cool your tongues?

Though the Whistleblower should be thanked for bringing this awareness to the public, it is high time that the public raise their voices.

We cannot leave the battle to reverse the rogue state to itself.

It is NOW or NEVER that the leadership starts taking the lives of its members and constituency more seriously.

There is a serious psychosis here and while we are not psychologists, we know some


The honest truth is, if your house is on fire, you call the Fire Brigade or run out of the burning house, save your life, and let the ashes fall where they may.

Out of the Ashes, the Phoenix will rise.

Sharon added:

I Stated in Confidence!

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He founded eTurboNews in 1999 as the first online newsletter for the global travel tourism industry.

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