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St. Kitts Considerable Advantage in Reopening Tourism

, St. Kitts Considerable  Advantage in Reopening Tourism, eTurboNews | eTN

Some say St. Kitts approach to operate tourism during the pandemic was too serious, but the result speaks for itself

  1. St. Kitts Minister of Tourism Lindsay Grant revealed St. Kitts and Nevis advantage in reopening the island tourism industry
  2. Vacation in Place is a concept that is considered the St. Kitts approach in rebuilding travel. It comes with a set of tools to keep tourism safe.
  3. Not only sand and sea, but 500 years of history, and a safe Caribbean experience like no other makes St. Kitts a unique destination

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41 cases total since Coronavirus broke out, no one died, never a lockdown, and everything open.

These are statistics many destination could only dream of in times of constant up and downs in what is happening due to COVID-19

The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is an East Caribbean country that became independent from the UK in 1983. The 53,000 citizens of this country enjoy one of the best passports to have with visa-free access to most of the world.

100 square kilometers of land with some of the most beautiful beaches, stunning scenes, and a history dating back 300-500 years, St. Kitts a real tropical paradise.

St.Kitts and Nevis Minister of Tourism, Transport and Ports Hon. Lindsay F.P. Grant joined the eTurboNews discussion today for the group organized by the World Tourism Network. WTN has tourism professionals in both the private and public sector in 126 countries among their members.

60% of St.Kitts and Nevis’s GDP is, directly and indirectly, dependent on the travel and tourism industry. COVID-19 brought enormous challenges, but this small island nation was able to keep citizens, residents, and visitors safe.

The country closed its borders for a while in 2020 but reopened on October 31. Grant said it was an all society approach when we reopened. Everyone was prepared and everyone had a role to play to relaunch the travel and tourism industry in a safe and responsible way.

When the country opened a sophisticated tracing system was in place. Tourists had no chance to mix within the local communities, and hotels participated in a program that was called “Vacation in Place.”

COVID-19 were mandatory before arrival. A second test was required after 7 days. The first 7 days of anyone visiting the island was restricted to the hotel.

As a result the country still has not had any death from the virus.

Hear from the minister directly in this Q&A by the World Tourism Network.

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