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Sorrento Coast Tourism Ramps Up After Lonely Pandemic Break

Sorrento Coast - Photo © Mario Masciullo

The Sorrento Coast, one of the few Italian tourist destinations, in addition to the Amalfi Coast, which entranced writers and poets of the Grand Tour between the 18th and 19th centuries, generating flows of international visitors, up to the disastrous pandemic period, recorded a slow recovery this summer of 2021.

  1. The Sorrento Coast has of recent times attracted mainly Italian tourists and a few foreigners.
  2. This situation has been completely reversed since 1919 and is a timid recovery awaiting the return to the past.
  3. The void over time due to the pandemic has not changed the characteristics and traditions in Sorrento and its splendid hinterland.

In particular, the indigenous culinary offerings proposed by restaurants and trattorias in Sorrento and neighboring towns, in addition to the restaurants run by starred chefs such as Il Buco and Donna Sofia, the latter a favorite of Italian cinema icon Sofia Loren, remain as delicious as ever.

Fortunately, everything remains unchanged for the benefit of regular visitors who are happy to find the eatery managers who have become friends over time and rediscover the classic menus. This is a form of respect also for the benefit of the new generations, whose presence was noted at the end of July.

View of Hotel Mediterraneo and its private swimming area – Photo © Mario Masciullo

The Hotel Tradition in Sorrento

The city of Sorrento lists 120/30 starred hotels, mostly family-run – a tradition that has been handed down for over a hundred years. In this period of time, a good number of the structures have become prestigious residences thanks to the management experience and the economic contribution derived from tourism and beyond.

The MD and Pietro Monti, Hotel Mediterraneo, Sorrento – Photo © Mario Masciullo

An Interesting Case History

An intriguing story deepened by Sergio Maresca, Managing Director (MD) of the Hotel Mediterraneo, whose long tradition of hospitality and generational changes spans over 100 years, and is classified as a singular “case history.”

Originally, this hotel was a private residence built in 1912 and was turned into a hotel by Antonietta Lauro, “grandmother Etta,” sister of the shipowner Achille Lauro, great-grandmother and grandmother of those who currently manage the hotel.

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“Generations have succeeded and new family partners have joined the business, but the spirit of hospitality has remained the same. For us, this is always a big house that hosts a wonderful extended family to our precious collaborators and our old and new clients and friends,” said the hotel MD.

Renew to Face the Future

A providential contribution came from Invitalia law on the restructuring of 12 large hotels in Sorrento. The objective of the operation was to raise the quality standard of hotel facilities by assigning applicants a non-repayable grant and subsidized loans.

The Sorrento peninsula, among other things, is worth in terms of attendance about 15% of the flows of Campania and 30% of the province of Naples, and accounts for about 0.75% of the entire national hotel tourism movement.

In this regard, curiosity prompted an investigation into the case by interviewing Pietro Monti, Marketing Director of the only ultra-centennial property in the Sorrento area, of which the MD spoke about, that is a beneficiary of the restructuring initiative.

The loan, according to Piero Monti, was invested to improve the hotel with an image standing in every sector of the residence with furnishings that reflect the marine style in an elegant-modern key. The style applied was fashionable and highly-functional architectural solutions made with raw materials typical of the coast – Vesuvian lava, parquet flooring reminiscent of stilts built on the sea, fisherman-style lamps, and decorations and cabinets in brass – a material whose processing has its roots in the Neapolitan tradition.

Cellar dining area of Donna Sofia restaurant reserved for special guests – Photo © Mario Masciullo

Added to this is the gastronomic sector and the transformation of its terrace into a splendid SkyBar with a panoramic view over the Bay of Naples to the Vesuvius volcano. A powerful motor yacht is available for guests for trips to the nearby island of Capri or elsewhere. Renovation and new services including a private beach earned the hotel another star, making it today a 5-star hotel.

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