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SKAL Members are Proud of World President-Elect Burcin Turkkan


Burcin Turkkan was confirmed two days ago as the Skål International World President, 2022.
The electronic voting system broke after she was already confirmed. Today she stepped back to get a double confirmation. so she can lead the largest and oldest global travel organization in 2022 with a clear mandate.

Burcin Turkkan showed the world today what doing business among friends and the spirit of SKAL really means.

From a confirmed world president-elect, she went back to being a candidate for president for SKAL International.

After already winning the 2022 presidency of the organization, she stepped back to allow the system to confirm her for a second time in one week. She explained in a letter emailed to more than 11,000 SKAL members in more than 100 countries today.”

SKAL President-Elect Burcin Turkkan letter dated December 11, 2021:

My Dear Skålleagues,

First of I would like to express my sincere apologies to you for having to experience such a strenuous evening due to the technical difficulties experienced during the SI 2021 AGA on December 10, 2021. Some of you have made the sacrifice to stay up very late, or some got up very early just to be present at this once-a-year very important meeting for our association. Your respect, loyalty, and commitment to Skål are very much appreciated.

Today, I am reaching out to you to thank you for your support during the AGA for electing me as your SI 2022 President. However, as you know, due to the technical difficulties experienced after the President and Vice President’s election following the scrutineer’s request, the elections were stopped to be repeated on a future date.

So many of you have reached out to me to congratulate me and express how upsetting the decision of canceling and the AGA and the elections was for you. As you know, there were 157 votes cast on President’s election and 198 on VP’s election. However, due to unknown reasons, the election system stopped working during the director’s election. This is still something under investigation by Hourglass. Although the first two elections have been called and the result officially announced by the scrutineers and the President, I have accepted the scrutineers and the President’s request to nullify the results and repeat the elections to prevent any possible speculations on the elected officers for 2022 due to the missing portion on ¼’th of the total number of votes that were eligible to vote in the evening.

Skålleagues – I would rather have a double confirmation as your President and for all other EC members rather than allow any speculations on the elected EC for 2022. The year 2022 has to be a year of a fresh start, with no place for politics anymore – a new white page for Skål International and its membership where we start filling up the new pages with success stories from each one of you on how we, TOGETHER as ONE will reunite our membership and work together in committees shoulder to shoulder, produce projects, generate ideas, and adopt the necessary changes needed to make our organization healthier and more robust, taking the lead globally, working on rebuilding and reconnecting the industry.

The elections will be repeated next week, online via the Election buddy system, where each club will receive an electronic ballot to vote within the allowed time frame. Detailed information and instructions will be sent to you by the General Secretariat team. On this occasion, I would like to give kudos to our staff Ana-Maria Vera, Sandra Vera, and Esther Romero. They all worked so hard on the preparations of the AGA and now taking charge in conducting the online elections.

My vision and 12 commitments for 2022 will remain the same and are available here for you to review.

If you are kind enough to endorse me as your Skål World President to serve in 2022, I will be your transformational leader working with you horizontally. I will listen to you, hear your ideas, take on new challenges, and offer you my time, experience, and loyalty. I will work with you, support you in achieving the goals you will set, and applaud you and celebrate your successes with you and the Skål world.

Always, in Friendship and Skål,

Burcin Turkkan
Senior Vice President, SI 2021
Candidate – Skål International World President, 2022

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