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SKAL virtual AGA Collapsed after a New President and VP was Elected

SKAL’s voting platform at today’s annual meeting collapsed during the election of directors forcing the Annual General Assembly to be rescheduled. Watch what happened.

447 out of 12,933 SKAL members from up to 318 Clubs in up to 102 countries joined virtually today at 5.00 am CET on a platform commissioned by

SKAL International had its virtual AGA, the Annual General Assembly today – and it didn’t go the way it was expected to proceed

Skål International is the world’s largest global network of Tourism Professionals promoting Tourism, Business, and Friendship worldwide since 1934. Its members are Directors and Executives of the Tourism sector who relate to each other to address issues of common interest, improve a business network and promote destinations.

The confirmation of the new SKAL International President was controversial since only one candidate was up for voting. This was to be decided in a YES/NO vote. Burcin Turkkan, Senior Vice President from Skal USA. She was also a former president of SKAL USA and stood as the only candidate to be confirmed today.

New SKAL International President 2022: Burcin Turkkan, USA

Burcin received 63% YES votes and was announced as the 2022 SKAL President. Congratulations streamed in from across the SKAL globe.

Also confirmed was Juan Ignacio Steta Gandara, Director from Skal Mexico as the Executive Vice President, and Marja Eela-Kaskinen, Director from Skal Finland as Vice President.

When the election for directors came up only 3 out of 6 candidates showed on the system, and the screen went blank for many voting delegates in various parts of the world.

It appears only agenda points 1-3 were concluded, agenda point 4 was concluded when it came to the election of President and Vice President, but agenda point 5-20 will be debated at a second Annual Meeting to be announced soon.

Agenda points for the SKAL Annual Meeting

  1. 1. Opening of the Annual General Meeting by the President of Skål International, Bill Rheaume
  2. 2. Approval of the minutes from the AGA of October 17, 2020
  3. 3. Presentation of candidates standing for election
  4. 4. Elections
  5. 5. Confirmation of Rijeka-Opatija, Kvarner, Croatia for the Skål World Congress 2022
  6. 6. Selection of the site for the Skål World Congress 2023
  7. 7. Report by the President of Skål International, Bill Rheaume
  8. 8. Report by the CEO, Daniela Otero
  9. 9. Approval of the written report by the Senior Vice President PR, Communications & Social Media, Burcin Turkkan
  10. 10. Approval of the written report by the Director Statutes & By-laws, Juan Ignacio Steta
  11. 11. Report by the Director Finance, Marja Eela-Kaskinen
  12. 12. Approval of the written report by the Interim Director Member Relations and Engagement, Lavonne Wittmann
  13. 13. Approval of the written report by the President of the International Skål Council, Denise Scrafton
  14. 14. Approval of the written report by the Trustees of the Florimond Volckaert Fund
  15. 15. Approval of the written report by the Trustees of the Membership Development Fund
  16. 16. Close of the Annual General Meeting by the President of Skål International, Bill Rheaume
  17. 17. Opening of the General Assembly of Delegates
  18. 18. Awards
  19. 19. Open Forum or any other business at the discretion of the President
  20. 20. Closing of the Assembly by the President of Skål International, Bill Rheaume

It’s not clear when the rest of the Annual Meeting will continue, but according to the presiding 2020 President WILLIAM RHEAUME from Canada, it should be soon.

eTurboNews has been receiving feedback claiming that the election for the already confirmed president and Vice President may also be repeated at the second part of this annual meeting. According to the video footage shown in this report, it appears however the President and Vice President were clearly announced and confirmed.

It can be hoped that the organization known for doing business as friends find a friendly solution to this technical disaster today.

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