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Singapore Tourism expands reach into Asia

image courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

The reopening of borders in the Asian region in recent months has led to a strong growth in Singapore’s international arrivals.

The reopening of borders in the Asian region in recent months has led to a strong growth in Singapore’s international arrivals – with 418,310 visitors in May, up from 295,100 in April. With pent-up demand being one of the main drivers of the travel recovery, The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is strengthening its cooperation with Group to promote Singapore to travelers from key markets through a series of initiatives. These include marketing campaigns, public relations activities, KOLs’ reviews, and promotions through Group’s brands including and Ctrip

Building on the three-year Memorandum of Understanding signed in November 2020, Group and the Singapore Tourism Board are deepening their collaboration across key markets including Thailand, South Korea, and Hong Kong, while expanding their partnership to include new markets including Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Group Chief Marketing Officer Sun Bo met STB’s Assistant Chief Executive for International Group, Juliana Kua, in Singapore last month, during which both discussed various topics, including enhancing the areas of collaboration under the 3-year MOU signed in late 2020.

Mr. Sun Bo said:

“The past two years have been challenging for the tourism industry across Asia, but we are deeply encouraged and appreciative of Singapore’s support for local tourism businesses.

These include the launch of the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers campaign which was part of, as well as the timely announcements relating to the reopening of borders such as the previous Vaccinated Travel Lane scheme and the current Vaccinated Travel Framework.

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“ Group is excited to deepen our strong relationship and collaboration with STB to further facilitate and promote travel to Singapore. This is a beautiful country which offers different unique experiences for various groups of tourists, and Group will launch specific campaigns and initiatives in the coming months across the key markets where there exists a strong demand for travel. Based on the recent growths in visitors’ arrivals to Singapore, there is reason to be optimistic that inbound arrivals will rebound to pre-pandemic levels, and Group is committed to supporting STB in every way possible.”

Ms. Juliana Kua, Assistant Chief Executive (International Group) STB, said: “We have worked closely with Group especially over the last two years during the pandemic to maintain Singapore’s mindshare amongst regional travelers. With the resumption of travel, we are delighted to deepen our partnership with Group, which has a growing network of services, users and data. We will tap on these to showcase Singapore’s refreshed destination offerings and encourage travelers to reimagine travel to Singapore as part of our SingapoReimagine global marketing campaign.”

Strengthening Connections within Asia

Leveraging Group’s fast-growing global network as a leading international online travel services provider, and its ability to draw insights on traveler behavior and needs from its large user base, both parties will work together on a series of marketing campaigns in several Southeast Asian markets, as well as South Korea and Hong Kong in the coming months. Among various initiatives, Group and STB will also curate and deliver engaging content via’s app and website to showcase the Singapore destination story and to position the city-state as a safe and compelling destination of choice for travelers. Going forward, Group and STB will also continue to identify and launch targeted

programs to promote and position Singapore as an ideal destination for various activities, including as a sanctuary for sustainability, haven for urban wellness, paradise of evolving flavors and world of possibilities for travelers to experience Singapore in new and unexpected ways. Consumers in the various markets can also look forward to attractive travel promotions. These will be rolled out in phases after taking into consideration the respective market’s readiness to travel and prevailing travel policies. Travel KOLs including travel_bellauri from South Korea will sharing their recommendations on the experiences visitors can look forward to.

For a start, joint campaigns to promote Singapore as an attractive travel destination will be launched in South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines over the next week, including attractive deals and collaborations with travel KOLs such as travel_bellauri and im0gil from South Korea and CHAILAIBACKPACKER from Thailand who will share their insights and recommendations on exciting and unexpected itineraries that visitors can experience in Singapore.

Mr. Sun Bo said: “Singapore has always been known as a food and shopping paradise, and that’s not a surprise given the wide range of retail offerings and tasty dishes such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laks,a and Chili Crab, among others. Yet, Singapore also offers new and unique experiences such as wellness and nature activities. In addition, many tourism businesses in Singapore had refreshed their offerings and introduced new ones during the past two years. Group looks forward to working closely with STB and our local partners to present the beauty of Singapore and its uniquely local experiences to the global community in the coming months.”

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