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Shanghai tourism launches live-stream show to boost travel sector

Shanghai tourism launches live-stream show to boost travel sector
Shanghai tourism launches live-stream show to boost travel sector
Written by Harry S. Johnson

The city authorities and travel firms in Shanghai have joined forces to start live-streaming tourism-related shows to boost post-COVID-19 tourism consumption.

Shanghai’s culture and tourism administrations in 14 city districts and online travel agency (OTA) Lvmama jointly launched a live-stream show late Friday.

During the four-hour webcast, each district showcased its most representative tourism attractions, intangible cultural heritage and food products, attracting over 2 million viewers.

The live-stream also offered discounted travel packages and consumption coupons worth 50 million yuan (about 7.1 million U.S. dollars) on tourist attractions, hotels and local restaurants, with some products sold out in just 10 minutes.

Shanghai-based Group earlier this week launched another live-stream focusing mainly on sales of hotels in Shanghai. The live broadcast coincided with the day Shanghai Disneyland theme park announced to reopen on May 11, and bookings for hotels within 5 km of the park registered an immediate surge. The 3,000 packages at a campsite close to Shanghai Disney Resort were also soon sold out during the live-stream.

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Shanghai received a total of 7.07 million tourists during the May Day holiday, generating a total spending of 9.5 billion yuan.


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