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Seychelles wows passersby in Shanghai

image courtesy of Seychelles Dept. of Tourism
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

Passersby of Shanghai experience the Seychelles dream

As Shanghai emerged from its lockdown, Tourism Seychelles brought the warm, welcoming Seychelles scenery to the passersby of the bustling financial district, Lujiazui.

From the 3rd June to the 1st July, the Seychelles islands were showcased through the launch of an Out-of-home (OOH) campaign advertisement at the L+ Mall Commercial Complex in the centre of Lujiazui.

The picturesque sceneries of the island destination were displayed through videos put together by Tourism Seychelles and Blue Safari. The advertisement placement was estimated to have reached nearly 300,000 target audiences and attracted the attention of professionals from L+ Mall offices, customers from the renowned French luxury department store, Galeries Lafayette, and nearby office buildings.

The Seychelles OOH advertisement placement coincided with promising news.

This included the relaxation of China’s COVID prevention and control measures comprising reduced international border quarantine, increased international flights and streamlined procedures for international arrivals since the start of July 2022.

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The Tourism Seychelles representative in China, Jean-Luc Lai Lam, stated that despite the lack of tourism activity in China, they continue to work to keep Seychelles at the top of mind in the country.

“Although tourism activities have not yet picked up on the Chinese market, our work to keep the Seychelles brand and the product visible has not stopped. Our team based in China holds regular training sessions and activities with the trade,” said Mr. Lai Lam.

Dubbed the “Wall Street of China”, the Lujiazui district has over 400 banks and financial institutions, both local and international. In addition, it is home to the headquarters of over 70 global giants and about 5,000 companies engaged in trade, investment, and intermediary services. The sum of transactions in the Shanghai stock market ranks 3rd in the world behind the Nasdaq Stock Market and New York Stock Exchange.

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