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Seychelles Open Day in Rome captures the attention of the travel agencies across Italy

Image courtesy of Seychelles Department of Tourism

On the 22nd of January, the Tourism Seychelles representative office in Italy partnered with tour operator Evolution Travel in a full day event held in the Rome’s city center at Hotel Londra & Cargill to train the network’s travel agents and travel consultants on the destination.

Some 45 agents from different regions of the country gathered in Rome for the event, evidence of the growing interest in the destination, especially now that Seychelles is one of the few long haul countries open to Italian tourists through the ‘COVID-free tourism corridors’.

Seychelles was illustrated in all its peculiar aspects from its history to its myriad attractions, with Evolution Travel’s Product Manager Bruno Bottaro playing an active role in responding to the many questions and helping focus the attention on the different segments.

Special guests Qatar Airways illustrated the connectivity to the archipelago and the Gulf airline’s top services while Constance Hotels and Resorts focused on the hospitality sector, training the agents on how to best to sell their resorts, Ephélia on Mahé and Lémuria on Praslin.

Evolution Travel, a travel agency and tour operator which is amongst the top sellers for Seychelles operates through a network of online travel consultants spread throughout Europe. It operates 100% online since 2000, working entirely in the cloud, in addition to other software that can be used on the web, running its network of online travel consultants around the world without any borders and with total freedom of movement. Their travel consultants communicate with the end-user in order to carefully listen, understand their needs and best meet their demands. The travel company organized three familiarisation trips to the islands in 2021 for their agents to experience the destination.

Figures show that the Italian market is quickly picking up after the lifting of the travel restrictions by the Italian government and data show that a forecast of +350% is recorded for the bookings of the coming months January-June 2022 compared to the number of visitors during the same period in 2021.

“We are confident that the COVID pandemic has reached its peak and that Italian visitors will soon be back amongst the top markets for Seychelles,” said Danielle Di Gianvito, the Tourism Seychelles representative in Italy. “We are slowly resuming small in-person events as restrictions are eased. Interest in the destination is very high, as is the demand for the spring and summer holidays.”

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