Seychelles Charms Bollywood Star and India Influencer

bollywood - image courtesy of Seychelles Dept. of Tourism
image courtesy of Seychelles Dept. of Tourism
Written by Linda Hohnholz

Indian star and influencer Sameera Reddy, along with her entrepreneur and CEO husband Akshai Varde and their children, recently indulged in an enchanting stay in Seychelles.

From the moment they boarded the flight, the family experienced the Creole Spirit onboard Air Seychelles, the national airline.

Their adventure began in the southern part of Mahé at the Kempinski Seychelles Resort in Baie Lazare, where they soaked in the breathtaking beauty of the region.

The family then continued their journey with an extraordinary stay at the Waldorf Astoria on Platte Island, a private paradise with unexplored pristine beaches and unique activities. Their unforgettable stay included personalized adventures such as discovering tortoises and their habitats, taking wildlife walks, enjoying exclusive dining, and a private cinema experience. During their time on Platte Island, they dined at the renowned restaurant “Maison des Epices,” celebrated for its meat specialties and the fusion of Creole-Latin culture.

While on Mahé, the family also explored Seychelles’ capital city, Victoria. They captured scenic photos, strolled through vibrant streets, experienced local culture, visited bustling markets, and marveled at the colonial architecture, including the iconic Victoria Clock Tower.

Their exploration extended to the lush “Jardin du Roi” in Anse Royale, a tropical garden boasting more than fifty varieties of trees and shrubs, including cinnamon, pepper, and vanilla trees. The garden also features a small museum dedicated to tropical agriculture and a shop where visitors can purchase rare spices and medicinal plants, making for perfect souvenirs from Seychelles.

Additionally, they enjoyed a guided tour of the Takamaka Rum Distillery, immersing themselves in the world of rum, learning about its history and production, and tasting a variety of rum expressions.

Before boarding their flight back to Mumbai, the family met with the Tourism Seychelles team, including the Manager for India, Ms. Stephanie Lablache, and Ms. Rolira Young, for a hosted lunch by Tourism Seychelles at Bravo Restaurant on Eden Island.

Reflecting on the meeting with the Indian celebrity, Ms. Stephanie Lablache said:

“Their social media posts and positive experiences showcase Seychelles as a luxury destination with rich local and cultural activities. This approach helps us connect with wealthy audiences, both personally and socially, and boosts our global image.”

The Reddy family’s Seychelles adventure was filled with unforgettable experiences, highlighting the island’s natural beauty, vibrant culture, and luxurious offerings, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure.

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