Saudia Private Leads Digital Transformation

Saudia Aircraft - image courtesy of Saudia
image courtesy of Saudia
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Saudia Private introduces a comprehensive digital strategy including Robotic Process Automation, AI chat-bots, New mobile App, and B2B Solutions.

Saudia Privat is a pioneer in general aviation services according to a report in Saudi Tourism News today.

Saudia Private introduced a comprehensive digital transformation strategy.
This was announced at the Dubai Air Show.

Saudia Private digital transformation strategy includes various technological advancements, such as the initial implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), as part of its extensive initiatives to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations. By adopting RPA, not only are routine tasks automated, but the user experience is also enhanced, and seasonal and high-volume operations are effectively managed in a sustainable manner.

In addition to unveiling a range of measures, including the launch of an advanced website equipped with AI chatbots and a membership scheme, Saudia Private has also introduced a dedicated mobile app that aims to enhance the overall experience for its members. The new website offers an enriched user journey with various features like online quote requests, a cost estimator, and an array of additional services.

Saudia Private has additionally launched, an all-in-one B2B flight management platform that completely transforms the management of aviation services, improving efficiency and convenience significantly.

Dr. Fahad Aljarboa, CEO of Saudia Private explained innovation is critical in positioning the company as a leader in the aviation industry as a key driver of Saudi Vision 2030.

Click here to read the full story and more on Saudi Tourism News.

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