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Sardinia: Experience the wines for a taste adventure

Sardinia: Experience the wines for a taste adventure

What is Old is New Again

There are many reasons to visit Sardinia, an island that has become a go-to destination thanks to the PR efforts of the rich and famous Aga Khan and his friends. Today it is populated by global celebrities who spend the warm days and cool nights on their yachts, in their $30,000 per day suites, and shopping at Prada.

Fortunately, there is room in Sardinia for the rest of us who are interested in exploring new places and tasting new wines; the island beckons sommeliers and wine lovers with unique/delicious taste experiences.

Unlike the wines of Sicily, Sardinia wines have a very low profile. Some researchers believe this small footprint in the global wine market space is a result of not having a research institute like Sicily’s Istituto Regionale del Vino e Olio, and not organizing a consortium of wineries to promote the local wines on the international stage. This behavior appears to be a serious mistake as the general consensus is that Sardinian wineries are producing excellent well-made wines that would appeal to wine lovers everywhere. The real reluctance of Sardinia wineries to compete for a larger share of the global market remains shrouded in mystery. To read the full article, go to

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