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Santa Ain’t Comin’ to Town: He’s Already Here

, Santa Ain’t Comin’ to Town: He’s Already Here, eTurboNews | eTN

December digital cover star of View VIBE is Sarah Nicole Landry, aka @thebirdspapaya on Instagram. She is this month’s feature and is a salute to the Real Santa Claus: Parents.

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Sarah Nicole Landry is a long-time digital creator on Instagram, her podcast, and a mother of four, divorcee, wife, and body confident woman. She’s grown her community online to include like-minded women who share meaningful conversations.

Landry loves the whimsical and magical nature of the Holiday season. Surrounded by her signature pink Christmas, Landry brings the role of the modern Santa Clause to life, just like she does every year for her kids.

“[Parents] do a heck of a lot more than I ever realized. As a kid, you don’t really think about how the gifts got wrapped or how the food makes it to the table. As an adult, you know all too well”, said Sarah Nicole Landry when speaking about Holidays with her own kids.

This body confident, Mom extraordinaire talks about fostering her community to be a place of shared experience for those who need the support, including herself. To Landry, Self-love is so much more than simply feeling confident, it’s about showing up for yourself every single day. 

“When we first started brainstorming about someone for our Holiday cover, I knew we needed to do something different,” says Steven Branco, STAMINA Group Inc. creative director and founder. “Not your overdone holiday characters… And after seeing Sarah Nicole Landry’s campaign with Bodacious wine, it came to me. We needed to honour the real St. Nicks out there (Moms/Parents), by sitting down with the Instagram sensation, creative powerhouse, body confident, Mom extraordinaire…aka @thebirdspapaya, to talk all about the magic, and pressures, of being a parent during the Holidays. Times have changed, and so has the narrative, and we are proud to be shining a light on it, front and centre, with Sarah at the helm.”

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