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Safest and Most Dangerous Countries for Female Solo Travelers

, Safest and Most Dangerous Countries for Female Solo Travelers, eTurboNews | eTN
Safest and Most Dangerous Countries for Female Solo Travelers
Harry Johnson
Written by Harry Johnson

Of the top 10 best countries for solo female travelers, seven of them are based in Europe meaning that traveling through this continent is a good starting point for new travelers.


The results of the latest research were released today, revealing the world’s safest and most dangerous destinations for female solo travelers. Croatia was named the safest country for single female visitors, while South Africa was deemed the most dangerous.

Of the top 10 best countries for solo female travelers, seven of them are based in Europe meaning that traveling through this continent is a good starting point for new travelers. Two are in Oceania and the remaining one is in Asia.

Top 10 safest countries for female solo travelers:

  1. Croatia, Europe

The coastal country of Croatia is the top destination for solo female travelers, according to our study. The country brims with historic cities and natural beauty making it a lovely spot for the more adventurous. With a high number of activities per 100,000 people and lots of hostels to choose from (3.28 per 100,000 people), any female traveller will feel at home. The country also enjoys low crime rates making it an incredibly safe place to be.

  1. New Zealand, Oceania

A little further afield is New Zealand, the second best country to visit as a woman traveling alone. The country is known for its adrenaline-packed activities and friendly locals, but our study also reveals that it has the lowest Gender Equality Index rating than any of the other locations on our list making it a great place for women to visit.

  1. Portugal, Europe

With sun, sea and surf, Portugal attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, but did you know it’s particularly good for solo female travelers? Whether you’re looking to visit historic Lisbon or chill by the beach, there’s lots to do with 177 activities and tours per 100,000 people and a low crime index of 30.7

  1. Sweden, Europe

It’s no surprise that most of the Nordic countries feature on our top 10 list. Sweden has always been seen as a progressive country, and with gorgeous rural landscapes, it’s also a hub for travelers. Featuring 4th in our index, Sweden scores well for the Gender Equality Index rating at 27.91, only second to New Zealand.

  1. Japan, Asia

As one of the most wish-listed countries on our list, many people will be ecstatic to know that Japan is a great country for women to visit alone. We’ve all heard about the cherry blossoms, vibrant nightlife and a country brimming with culture, but Japan’s low crime rate of 22.9 makes it a top choice for women. In fact, its crime score is the lowest than anywhere else in the world, and you have 296 hostels to choose from per 100,000 people.

  1. Netherlands, Europe

When you think of the Netherlands, you probably start to imagine canals, tulip fields and windmills, as well as the bustling capital of Amsterdam. But did you know it’s a popular destination for women to travel alone? The Netherlands has 92 cultural activities and tours per 100,000 people so you’re never bored and a low crime score of 26.2 meaning women are safe as they explore.

  1. Norway, Europe

Known for its Norwegian Fjords, plenty of hiking opportunities and the possibility of spotting the Northern Lights, Norway is a great holiday destination for those looking for a chillier experience. Although the annual temperature hits 2.06 °C on average, if you wrap up warm, you have 146 tours and activities per 100,000 people to get stuck into and a high safety score of 67.5.

  1. Spain, Europe

Each corner of Spain has something for everyone, whether that’s chilling by the beach at San Sebastian or choosing to explore the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. For women, Spain has 131 tours and activities to enjoy per 100,000 people and a relatively low Gender Equality Index score of 50.74.

  1. Australia, Oceania

Australia is one of those countries that attracts people from all over the world. They have great visa options for travelers, so people tend to stay there for long periods of time. In terms of solo female travellers, there’s a lot to like about the country. Australia has a high average annual temperature of 22.06 °C and the 5th lowest Gender Equality Index ranking of any other country at 34.83.

  1. Finland, Europe

Finland, is often dubbed as the happiest country in the world. It’s known for incredibly high living standards that are often extended to visitors. Finland has a high safety score of 73.5, 7th in the world and a low Gender Equality Index score of 51.63.

Top 10 most dangerous countries for female solo travelers:

  1. South Africa, Africa

Of all the countries in our ranking, South Africa is the worst to visit as a solo female traveler. Although the country has some of the best food and wine in Africa, it doesn’t score well for metrics that matter most to women. As safety is a big factor in where women travel, South Africa has the highest crime rate of any other country at 75.7 and the lowest safety score at 24.5. The matter isn’t helped by its high Gender Equality Index score of 97.39, the 6th highest in the world.

  1. Brazil, South America

Brazil is a country teeming with diverse wildlife and the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon. While from the outside it might look like a beautiful place to visit, it’s actually not suited for solo female travelers. It has a low number of tours and activities at just 17 per 100,000 people and 0.18 hostels per 100,000 people. However, its greatest detriment might be its high crime score of 66.1, the 3rd worst in the world.

  1. Peru, South America

Known for Machu Picchu and its rich cultures, Peru is famous for attracting travelers from all over the globe to explore its vibrant landscapes. While it’s a popular destination, it doesn’t favour solo female travelers. Peru has the second worst crime rate of all countries, only second to South Africa at 67.5. Similarly, it also has a low safety rating of 32.5, the second lowest of all countries analysed.

  1. Chile, South America

Chile in South America is the 4th bottom country for solo female travelers. Known for its exceptional vineyards, expressive street art and natural wonders, the country is a great place to visit, but not for women traveling solo. Chile has a high crime index of 58.7 and a high Gender Equality Index score of 88.5, meaning it doesn’t favor women’s rights and safety.

  1. Argentina, South America

While Argentina generally enjoys low costs which benefit solo travelers such as $0.21 for a one-way transport ticket, it doesn’t score well for the more important metrics that matter to women. For example, the crime rate in Argentina is the 4th highest in our study at 64 and has a low safety score of 36.

  1. Dominican Republic, North America

The first of two North American countries that come in as the worst countries for solo female travelers is the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. While people rave about the destination’s white beaches and clear waters, it doesn’t bode well for female travelers looking to visit the country. The Dominican Republic has a low number of activities and tours per 100,000 people at 29 and just 0.15 hostels per 100,000, giving low opportunities to meet fellow travelers.

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Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson has been the assignment editor for eTurboNews for mroe than 20 years. He lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is originally from Europe. He enjoys writing and covering the news.

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