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Safer Tourism Seal appoints Cuthbert Ncube as Brand Ambassador

Coronavirus in Africa: African Tourism Board has a response

The Safer Tourism Seal, an initiative by the network today appointed Cuthbert Ncube as its first Brand Ambassador in Africa.

Cuthbert Ncube is the Chairman of the African Tourism Board, an NGO based in Pretoria, South Africa. The philosophy of the organization is to see tourism as a catalyst for unity, peace, growth, prosperity and job creation for the people of Africa.

Mr. Cuthbert has been an active participant in many recent events and meetings. is an open global discussion by tourism leaders from 117 countries.

The vision of ATB is to see Africa become number one tourism destination of choice in the world.

The African Tourism Board put in place Project Hope Africa, an initiative chaired by Dr. Taleb Rifai, former secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The Safer Tourism Seal (STS) builds on previous certifications through evaluations and endorsements. The seal provides additional assurances when traveling during these uncertain times. STS helps destinations and its stakeholders through a standardized 50-point checklist. The task is to evaluate and to endorse.

The Safer Tourism Seal builds travelers’ confidence for preferred destinations and becomes a recognizable symbol throughout the world during these precarious times. Travel safety depends on both, the provider and the receiver. Recognizing this fact, Rebuilding Travel has created the personalized Safer Tourism Seal to accompany the Safer Tourism Seal for travel destinations.


Holders of the Safer Tourism Pass vow to be responsible travelers, to abide by local health guidelines that the World Health Organization and national health departments have put into place. The STP means that the traveler is responsible, and vows to protect not only him/herself but also all fellow travelers. STP holders represent the best in travel and demonstrate to the world, that safer travel is everyone’s responsibility.

Safer Tourism Seal recognizes leaders with its Safer Tourism Heroes Award.

Safer Tourism Seal is complementing and not competing with other leaders and initiatives in the world to make travel enjoyable again with the new reality of COVID-19, such as the WTTC Safe Travels Initiative. 

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