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Rural Tourism Day in India Honors Mahatma Gandhi

Rural Tourism Day Honors Mahatma Ghandi
Rural Tourism Day honors Mahatma Ghandi

The Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development (ITRHD) will celebrate January 30 as Rural Tourism Day.

It was on this date that Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. Since last year, the trust observes the day to promote rural tourism. The father of the nation was keen on rural development.

Gandhi said: “The real India lies in the 7,00,000 villages. If Indian civilization is to make its full contribution to the building up of a stable world order, it is this vast mass of humanity that has….to be made to live again.”

This year, the focus of rural tourism will be on two areas – Barner in Rajasthan and one in Madhya Pradesh. Here, efforts are being made to highlight the often neglected and dying arts.

Presentations will be made by those who have taken upon themselves the task of improving the scene.

The trust is the brainchild of S. K. Misra, who earlier headed INTACH and was involved in tourism in a big way at the center and states.

Misra had organized an event some months ago to highlight the wealth and culture of Azamgarh, a small district in Uttar Pradesh, India.

“The villagers should develop such a high degree of skill that articles prepared by them should command a ready market outside. When our villages are fully developed, there will be no dearth in them of men with a high degree of skill and artistic talent. There will be village poets, village artists, village architects, linguists and research workers. In shout, there will be nothing in life worth having which will not be had in the villages,” wrote Mahatma Gandhi.

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