Royal Air Maroc Fleet to Grow from 50 to 200 Aircraft by 2037

Royal Air Maroc Fleet to Grow from 50 to 200 Aircraft by 2037
Royal Air Maroc Fleet to Grow from 50 to 200 Aircraft by 2037
Written by Harry Johnson

Royal Air Maroc is embarking on a new chapter in its history, venturing into an era of expansion and growth.

Outlining its ambitious expansion and development plan for the next fourteen years, Royal Air Maroc announced the signing of the 2023-2037 Program Contract, between the Government of the country and the Moroccan national carrier.

The agreement was signed in Morocco‘s national capital Rabat by the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Air Maroc, Abdelhamid Addou, and the Head of the Mococcan Government, Aziz Akhennouch.

As the global aviation industry’s recovery gains momentum, Royal Air Maroc’s resilience and intensive modernization efforts have allowed the airline to display performance levels comparable to pre-pandemic times.

Amidst these favorable conditions and with the solidification of the National Company’s foundations, Royal Air Maroc is embarking on a new chapter in its history, venturing into an era of expansion and growth.

The announcement signifies a momentous milestone and significant transformation for Royal Air Maroc. Once known as a regional carrier with a primary focus on its hub connecting the Kingdom to limited parts of Europe and West Africa, is now determined to ascend to the ranks of the world’s leading airlines, expanding its presence across all four continents.

The Company is taking flight towards a new dimension in a global context of a strong recovery in global tourism, dynamism in the aviation industry, and increasing worldwide fleets.

This development plan aims to support the major structural transformations initiated in Morocco over the past two decades across various economic, social, political, and sports sectors, under the enlightened vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him. Through a new global business model, Royal Air Maroc is set to change its scale, reinforcing its role as a strategic tool for the country’s economic emergence and global influence. The National Company thus confirms its mission in alignment with the Kingdom’s strategic orientations.

The expansion plan, materialized through the Program Contract, relies on a substantial fleet development and a substantial reinforcement of the company’s optional capacities.

“This new stage in Royal Air Maroc’s development builds on a history of challenges overcome since its establishment in June 1957. We are the result of an incredible human and technological adventure built by previous generations in service to national sovereignty. Today, the renewed trust of the Moroccan state, reflected in this Program Contract we signed, honors us and commits us. The new page ahead will challenge a new generation for all of us Women and Men of Royal Air Maroc,” said Mr. Abdelhamid ADDOU, CEO of Royal Air Maroc.

Royal Air Maroc is expected to shift from being a traditional company with a regional North-South medium-haul hub to a global carrier, committed to a higher growth rate, thanks to the operation of a transcontinental North-South and East-West hub, a new “point-to-point” approach, and a national cross-network.

With around fifty modern-generation short, medium, and long-haul aircraft, currently carrying approximately 7.5 million passengers annually, Royal Air Maroc’s fleet is projected to reach 200 aircraft by 2037, transporting 31.6 million passengers per year. The fleet’s expansion will significantly enhance the Company’s competitiveness across the global air carrier market.

With the fleet expansion, Royal Air Maroc will launch around 108 new international destinations (73 in Europe, 12 in Africa, 13 in America, 10 in Asia and the Middle East), along with 46 domestic routes to better connect Morocco, to the world.

The Company’s growth entails redefining its operating strategy, with a short-term focus on strengthening offerings in the current network. The initial development will occur in its medium- and long-haul networks to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the American continent, and Asia, initiating a controlled growth process.

In the medium and long term, a true acceleration will take place, with numerous openings of medium- and long-haul routes on all four continents, confirming Royal Air Maroc’s positioning as a global carrier.

The “point-to-point” service will be developed to reinforce Royal Air Maroc’s role in serving the national tourism industry and Moroccans around the world. The connectivity of domestic destinations will be gradually reinforced, eventually connecting them directly to major European source markets based on their needs.

At the domestic level, Royal Air Maroc is also committed to a renewed approach to its national network, with a vision of cross-connectivity to better connect the Kingdom’s cities, open up remote regions, and promote tourism.

Beyond the current radial network centered around the Casablanca hub, a project for a transversal domestic network will be developed around regional airbases, seamlessly connecting the Kingdom’s twelve regions.

A crucial element for the potential success of this new growth stage is the recognized brand image of Royal Air Maroc, already serving as Morocco’s flagship carrier in 46 countries.

The new expansion plan is the culmination of in-depth work conducted within Royal Air Maroc, leveraging its wealth of expertise. It will be implemented through the commitment of all Women and Men of the Company, talented, passionate, and dedicated to Excellence, who have consistently demonstrated their professionalism and dedication.

After more than 65 years of history, they are now all guarantors of renewed ambition.

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