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Rome Expo 2030? Or will it be Busan, Odessa or Riyadh?

Mayor of Rome - image courtesy of M.Masciullo

Rome’s candidacy to host Expo 2030 was officially presented in the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai on March 3, 2022.

Rome’s candidacy to host Expo 2030, started by the Italian Government and carried out by the Promoting Committee and by Roma Capitale, was officially presented in the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai on March 3, 2022.

The candidacy was illustrated by the Mayor of the Rome Capital, Roberto Gualtieri; the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Luigi Di Maio; the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini (the latter two connected remotely); the President of the Nomination Committee, Giampiero Massolo; the Director General of the Committee, Giuseppe Scognamiglio; the Architect, Carlo Ratti; and Paolo Glisenti, Commissioner General for Italy – all present at Expo 2020.

The presentation of the project in Italy

The Rome 2030 project was presented to the Italians in July 2020 in the Rome Institutional Table (first of the 6 thematic tables) at the Sala Protomoteca (gallery, museum of sculptural busts) of the Campidoglio (capitol), the mayor’s seat, with the participation of academics, politicians, entrepreneurs, and the media.

The main actors were the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti; the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri; the President of the Promoting Committee, Ambassador Giampiero Massolo; as well as other representatives of the government.

The capitol represented a fundamental moment of stimulation and listening to the city, the territory, and the entire country system, in view of the definition of the candidacy dossier that the promoting committee is preparing and will deliver on September 7, 2022.

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The representatives of national and local institutions underlined the importance of the Universal Exposition as an opportunity to relaunch not only for Rome but, more generally, a springboard for the whole of Italy, as stated by Benedetto Della Vedova, Undersecretary of State to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

“We believe that Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030 concerns Italy and the entire country system.”

“It must involve the best energies. We want to become an active part of this challenge. We are aware of the competition that awaits the capital (Rome). We focus on the evocative capacity of Rome and focus on the strength of the theme, starting with urban sustainability. As Farnesina (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) we are very busy. It is a great opportunity for all of Italy.”

Expo 2030 is a great opportunity that Rome cannot miss and, although the quality of life remains to be improved in the capital, 7 out of 10 Italian citizens support his candidacy according to an Ipsos survey.

Mayor of Rome R. Gualtieri

“It is very positive that there is broad sharing around our application, a consensus that will grow even more when we present our project at the BIE  (Bureau International Espotitions) in Paris at the beginning of September ’22,” said the Mayor of Rome Capital, Roberto Gualtieri.

“Today’s confrontation with the various working groups in the city was an important moment in this challenge that we want to win by involving the entire capital and with the support of the whole country.”

“We have an unrepeatable opportunity to transform Rome.”

“We will do it by organizing the Expo of sustainability, greenery, and nature, with a large green power plant that will fully feed the Tor Vergata area, making it neutral from the point of view of emissions through a large energy community that we will make permanent and with a green mobility corridor that will cross the Forums, the Appian Way, the Aqueducts up to the Expo pavilions.

“We want to make the dream of completely rethinking the way in which urban regeneration can become a tool to support the ecosystem tangible and concrete. This will be Expo for us, and Rome is ready to collaborate with every country in the world that wants to participate with its own contribution and ideas.”

“Today is a very significant day for Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030. We mark a turning point, because we are finally starting a job that takes on public importance through a presentation that is fundamental for the country,” said Giampiero Massolo, President of the Committee Promoter of Expo 2030. “However, we cannot reveal the project we have devised, because we will officially present it on 7 September 7, ’22.

“But starting today, we are launching a campaign that we must make all viral, popular, and heartfelt. We need to support an initiative that must come from below, shared with the authorities, the municipality, the region, the government, and the private sector.”

Jubilee 2025 and Expo 2030

Rome also has the unmissable opportunity to combine with another world-wide event of great spiritual significance: the Jubilee 2025 which the city is already preparing to host. This is an important synergy opportunity for the realization of functional works and infrastructures, ready to welcome millions of pilgrims, optimizing costs and resources – all benefitting tourism.

People and territories: urban regeneration, inclusion, and innovation

Rome’s Expo 2030 candidacy project aims to show a new way of promoting urban coexistence, overcoming the traditional separation between center and periphery.

“Rome Expo 2030 represents a great opportunity to integrate the huge investments envisaged by the Italian recovery plan (PNRR) and other national funds; 8.2 billion euros (details disclosed in Dubai) destined to interventions for infrastructures and mobility in the capitol municipality, the Greater Rome Metropolitan Area, and the Lazio Region.

“Regarding Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030, the Roma Chamber of Commerce guarantees its utmost commitment to ensure that this important international event becomes the heritage of the city. The eventual award,” explained Lorenzo Tagliavanti, President of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, “Would have a significant impact in economic terms and international relations, both for Rome and for Italy.”

Thematic tables opened

University and Innovation; Architecture and Urban Planning, Culture, Tourism, Major Events, Sport and Fashion; “Media,” chaired and moderated by the Deputy Director of the Rai Journal and the participation of the main directors and exponents of the Italian press, the foreign press in Italy, and digital information; “Third Sector,” during which reflections and proposals emerged to analyze the critical issues (more or less evident) on the one hand and on the other hand to find concrete solutions capable of ferrying Rome towards future challenges were all part of thematic tables opened at the event.

On March 31, the EXPO 2020 in Dubai ended, previously postponed due to COVID. The next universal exhibition will be held in 2025 in Osaka, Japan. Five cities have so far been nominated for the 2030 edition including Busan (North Korea), Odessa (Ukraine), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), and Rome (Italy). The choice of the host city will be made in 2023 by the member countries of the Bureau International des Espositions, each member country being able to cast one vote.

In the meantime, the Deputy Mayor of the metropolitan city of Rome and Mayor of Colleferro (city in the Rome province), Luigi Sanna, appeared in an interview in a Swiss daily stating, “Dear Swiss citizen, help us to support Rome’s candidacy for the Expo. It will be useful for a mending role.”

But that’s another story to follow.

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