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Raging Turkey Wildfires Trigger Tourist Evacuation in the Antalya resort region

Raging Turkey wildfires trigger tourist evacuation in Bodrum and Marmaris
Raging Turkey wildfires trigger tourist evacuation in Bodrum and Marmaris
Written by Harry Johnson

The Antalya region and its popular beach resorts are threatened by massive fires endanger visitors and residents in resort areas in Southern Turkey.

Worst fires in Bodrum and Marmaris, Turkey
  • Evacuation ordered in Turkish resort cities of Bodrum and Marmaris.
  • The wildfires burn very close to houses and hotels.
  • Turkish Navy are taking part in fighting the wildfires.

Turkey’s wildfires hit the resort towns of Marmaris and Bodrum. Local authorities ordered the evacuation of tourists and local residents.

The fires first emerged across a sparsely populated region about 75 kilometers (45 miles) east of Antalya, a popular resort city especially popular with Russian and other eastern European tourists, but also Germans.

But they were creeping closer Thursday to sandy beaches dotted with hotels and resorts.

Images on social media and Turkish TV showed residents jumping out of their cars and running for their lives through smoke-filled streets lit up by orange flames.

Because of the powerful fires, people were first evacuated in Marmaris.

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The forest burns very close to houses and hotels.

Some tourists keep playing ball on the beach, regardless of the fires

The Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said that five helicopters, one plane, and 30 fire engines are fighting disastrous fires in the area.

The newest fire is seen in the resort town of Bodrum. People are being evacuated. Units of the Turkish Navy are involved in desperate attempts to sustain the fires.

Current wildfires, the strongest ones in recent years, began due to the heatwave in the region. To date, four people have died in the disaster and 183 have suffered from smoke.

Earlier, Turkish Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said that fires were retreating from hotels and houses.

The minister said: “Since the intervention was carried out on time and with the use of a large amount of equipment, the spread of fire towards the coast was prevented. Later, roads to tourist areas were closed.”

Today, Bodrum is one of the most important centers of trade, art, and entertainment as it has been since centuries ago… This coastal town in which traditional and modern life go along hand in hand in an excellent harmony opens its arms for those who want to be acquainted with her and live her.

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