Productive Workation Tools: Enabling Remote Work Anywhere

image courtesy of netpeak
image courtesy of netpeak
Written by Linda Hohnholz

Remote work has become the norm for modern people.

Almost every company offers employees a flexible, fully remote work format or delegates some of their functions to outsourced professionals. This format has undeniable advantages. You can invite specialists wherever they are in the world and provide comfortable working conditions for your employees.

Features of Organizing Remote Work

To organize remote work, you connect people in different locations, creating a productive and cohesive team. This task is not simple, but it is essential for successful work. You can use SignalHire to find contacts of anyone who can bring new trends to the company with their knowledge and experience.

Remote work does not have a shared workspace, which creates several difficulties and risks:

  • lack of ability to fully control the work process;
  • risk of failure to meet deadlines;
  • challenges in supporting the corporate culture.

However, using the right tools to organize remote work will help minimize these risks.

Ensuring Communication

The team needs daily face-to-face communication in a remote working format. Effective virtual communication channels would be best to avoid misunderstandings in professional and personal matters.

Choosing a convenient online format for team communication for each employee is essential. Popular today are the following options:

  • Zoom;
  • Skype;
  • Google Hangouts;
  • Slack;
  • HipChat.

You can use Evernote services to create unique company software. The remote working format requires team-building events once every 3-6 months. Employees should feel like team members despite the physical distance when working remotely.

Best Tools for Productive Remote Work

If you want to work remotely, you must provide a particular organization. You need to exploit a different approach from the offline format. 


Evernote is a note-taking application that lets you track your ideas. You may have devised something unusual and effective on your way home. Take advantage of this program and write down your ideas so that you can pay more attention to them in the future. You can make notes in different formats: text, audio, PDF files, and images. The program synchronizes notes on all connected devices.

Google Drive

You can use Google Drive to create, store, and quickly access files. Google Drive is a cloud storage and sharing service for files of different formats. You can create documents available only to you or a specific category of people with open or closed access. Many modern companies use this tool in their work.


In remote work, an efficient schedule is essential. Todoist will help you properly plan all tasks, to-dos, and vacations. You can find the most productive period and plan more critical tasks for that time so that you can enthusiastically accomplish them. You will remember everything necessary when there is a clear action plan for the day, week, or month.


The remote work format is gaining popularity. It allows you to collaborate with specialists from around the world. This cooperation format requires special tools that ensure quality communication, task distribution, and work performance control.


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