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Powerful new flight deals search engine launches

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A new search engine pinpoints the cheapest dates to fly in the entire year or during a particular month.

A new search engine pinpoints the cheapest dates to fly in the entire year or during a particular month.

As the new year approaches and travelers look to get away, reveals a brand new look alongside a powerful new flight deals search engine.

The new deals search engine located at the top of the homepage automatically detects your closest airport and begins showing you the best deals in the entire upcoming new year. Users can press “Next Deal” to rifle through hundreds of the best flight deals in seconds.

Deals can be refined by changing the parameters such as departure airport or where you want to see deals to. Options include searching for deals to a particular continent such as ‘Asia’ or “Europe” or a particular country like “Spain” or “China.”

Users can also refine the date of the deals by selecting a particular ‘Month’ or leave the time as “Anywhere” to see the best possible dates to fly.

The data is sourced from over 1200 different travel sites and when you click through to “View Deal” is then “Price Matched” across multiple search engines to make sure you have got the very best price possible. The deals are cross checked against the best search engines including KAYAK, Cheapflights, Momondo, Skyscanner, Google flights, Dohop, Jetcost and more, potentially saving up to 20% more off the initial deal price.

Founder and CEO Shahab Siddiqui explained, “The secret to finding the very best deals is 2 fold – one is discovering the optimal days to fly and the second is checking multiple search engines on those dates – this new tool allows you to do both tasks effortlessly.”

Some of the amazing return flight deals the new tool has uncovered include:

London to New York

Manchester to Beijing

Birmingham to Dubai

Edinburgh to St. Petersburg

New York to Barcelona

Boston to Dublin

Washington to Oslo

Houston to Cancun

Los Angeles to Stockholm

San Francisco to London

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