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Police stopped terror in Mombasa, Kenya, didn’t they?

Well done by Kenya Special Forces was the overall praise for a brave police action at Likoni ferry in Mombasa, Kenya on Monday.
The praise was not without conspiracy theories questioning police and why a journalist was readily on the scene capturing the incident on camera. Police in Kenya needed a push with its local community. This success story may touch the dilemma and community support police officers encounter all over the world during this pandemic.

  • Kenyan police in the coastal town of Mombasa have arrested suspected terrorists at this busy Likoni ferry crossing, and recovered two AK-47 rifles, phones, and ammunition.
  • Postings on twitter questions why a photo journalist was readily available to capture this bust.
  • The incident opens up a discussion on community interaction and police brutality resulting out of the COVID-19 situation. This is a global trend.

The Likoni Ferry is a ferry service across the Kilindini Harbour, serving the Kenyan city of Mombasa between the Mombasa island side and the mainland suburb of Likoni. Two to four double-ended ferries alternate across the harbor, carrying both road and foot traffic.

According to Tripadvisor, the Lilkoni is a must-have experience for tourists when visiting the Mombasa resort region in Kenya.

Police in Mombasa, Kenya, intercepted and arrested two terror suspects at the Likoni crossing channel on Monday morning.

Watch the YOUTUBE video provided by a member of the African Tourism Board. We restricted the video to adults due to the content not being suitable for children.

Besides police recovering two AK-47 rifles, two magazines, machetes, and assorted weapons. there may be more to this story and why it unfolded and was resolved by brave Kenya police officers the way it was.

In the five-minute incident which caught locals unaware, the officers shot in the air, blindfolded the suspects, and put them in police vehicles.

A local resident questioned on Twitter: “The scene at the Likoni ferry caught my attention. How come an outfit that operates clandestinely, [was] able to involve the press to see them in action? Did they think that they were risking their lives and those of the public? Something fishy is going on.”

Another person added: “How come press camera teams were already on-site even b4 the incident? And still, they could not get a shot for us to have a glimpse of the faces of the terrorists?”

A local media source reported the police were acting on information they got after arresting a recently-apprehended terrorism suspect in Mombasa, who then revealed the details of the planned attack.

The interception came after the US government issued a travel advisory to American visitors planning to visit Kenya over terrorism risks.

The two were transporting the weapons from Lunga Lunga and were crossing over to Mombasa, where it is suspected they had planned to attack a security installation, most likely a police station.

Tension has escalated in the Likoni Ferry crossing, Mombasa county, after anti-terrorism police swiftly acted on intelligence, in the process intercepting a car that was just about to board the awaiting ferry with illegal ammunition.

Confirming the incident, Coast Regional Coordinator John Elungata said that the two will be interrogated on the activities they had planned in Mombasa.

Police stated further that more arrests will be made.

Members of the African Tourism Board discussed the incident on the ATB WhatsApp Group saying: “They were planning to blow the ferry this morning, but thank God Special Forces intercepted them.”

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