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Plastic particles found in blood for the first time

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Polling of the British public has revealed that 77 percent believe that further research should be urgently undertaken to establish the harm caused to human health by plastic.  

This survey from Common Seas, follows the recent revelation from a scientific paper commissioned by the social enterprise and published in March, showing micro plastics have entered the blood of almost 8-in-10 humans studied. 

Scientists who conducted this research at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam are concerned that the presence of plastic has the potential to introduce and host pathogens and harmful chemicals into the body. 

In light of this publication, almost 60 percent of the population are concerned about what the presence of these microplastics in human blood will mean for their health.  

Revelations from this survey highlighting public concern about the impact of plastic on human health further supports Common Seas’ Blood Type Plastic Campaign calling on the UK Government to introduce a new £15 million National Plastic Health Impact Research Fund.  

“Last week we found out the majority of us had plastic in our blood and our polling shows the public want more research conducted,” explains Common Seas CEO Jo Royle. “This vital area of research is critically underfunded.  

“We have a right to know what all this plastic is doing to our bodies and the public are demanding to know more. With plastic production on track to double within the next 20 years the risk to the global population is only going to increase. The need for further research is urgent. If the government were to assign £15m, just 0.1 percent of the UK’s annual R&D funding, for dedicated research into the matter we’d have a much greater understanding of what this means for human health.”  

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