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Pablo Picasso’s Surprising Chinese Connection in Macao

Picasso, Pablo Picasso’s Surprising Chinese Connection in Macao, eTurboNews | eTN

Pablo Picasso: Paintings in Glass will be in Macao, China for the first time ever. The City known for the Las Vegas of China makes it possible

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The Chinese Side of Pablo Picasso Emerged in Macao” captures the creative essence of Picasso’s renowned painting, “Pablo Picasso: Paintings in Glass,” as it debuts in Macao for the first time ever.

“Pablo Picasso: Paintings in Glass”, a painting by Pablo Picasso will be in Macao for the first time ever.

Pablo Picasso will contribute to arts and culture in this former Portuguese section of China. Macau, establishing it further as a World Heritage city. The six artworks in this show are among fifty works, unique and signed, selected by Picasso himself between 1954 and 1957, among his most exemplary works to be interpreted in gemmail

One Central Macau’s Picasso Gemmaux artwork to premiere in Macau

This exhibition is the very first Macau showing of Picasso’s artworks in gemmaux to be presented at the Atrium of One Central Macau with free admission from today until 31st October.

This showcase offers a rare opportunity to appreciate many of Picasso’s most important artworks.

As part of Art Macao’s theme, “The Statistics of Fortune”, this show features works that are reminiscent of the technique of stained glass seen in churches in aesthetics, yet they are backlit light boxes engineered by a workshop led by physicist Roger Malherbe-Navarre working on light diffraction in Paris in the mid-1950s.

At the time, the technique was extremely innovative. The layering of several panes of carefully assembled glass gave Picasso’s artworks the third dimensionality he sought to achieve in paintings. The technology of these backlit light boxes also gives a new life to the colors, as well as preserving them closer to the intention of the artist. Impressed by the gemmistes’ masterful assembling and fusing of carefully selected glass, Picasso declared ‘A new art is born!’ 

An intimate retrospective into the life of renowned artistic genius

This exhibition features a special curation of six gemmaux artworks, representing many of Picasso’s closest and most influential ‘studies’ of life. Among them are ‘Femme assise’, an early portrait of Dora Maar, fellow artist and lover who led him to create the masterpiece Guernica, and the very first gemmail work Picasso signed. Another iconic work is the ‘Portrait of Marie-Therese Walter’, in which Picasso depicts the French model Marie-Therese Walter, who gave birth to his first daughter, and Mere et Enfant, in which Picasso’s wife Olga and his first son, Dora Maar, are depicted.

The exclusive series also includes a striking self-portrait of the artist himself, executed in an emotionally expressive style. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death and the artworks on display are borrowed from private collections. 

“We hold a deep appreciation for the role of arts in society and have dedicated ourselves to honoring cultural heritage.

We envision ONE CENTRAL MACAU to serve as a canvas that connects art with the community. This Picasso exhibition is the latest initiative that aims to educate, engage, and inspire the community in Macau, inviting people to revel in the beauty of diverse cultural expressions.” said Jennifer Lam.

Where is the art featured?

The art featuring the Chinese side of Pablo Picasso is currently on display at ONE CENTRAL MACAU.

The unique display of original artworks is featured at the atrium of One Central Macau, with enlarged reproductions of each work displayed on the back of the painting, making it easy for the public to view the series of masterpieces from other locations in the atrium. Be inspired by “Pablo Picasso: Paintings in Glass” at One Central Macau.

Known as Las Vegas of the East, Macau is a vibrant city rich with history and luxury casino hotels. Macau is located just a short ferry ride away from Hong Kong is a popular destination for international travelers and deserves a spot on everyone’s bucket list.  I instantly fell in love with its culture and nightlife. The lights are spectacular, the architecture is breathtaking, and it just makes you feel so alive!

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