Philippines: Thousands of motorcycle riders and passengers switch to Arcade City

Ridesharing startup Arcade City now officially expands its peer-to-peer service to support the 300,000+ motorcycle riders and passengers from the ‘Uber for motorcycles’ service Angkas, suspended last week by the Philippine government.

Thousands of Angkas users have recently signed up for the Arcade City mobile app, which has been active in the Philippines since Uber suspended service in August.

Motorcycle riders can create a profile and share their contact information. Passengers can communicate with the riders directly through the app or contact them by phone.

“Angkas did an amazing job of providing higher quality and safer motorcycle rides. But the Philippine government shut them down anyway,” said Arcade City founder & CEO Christopher David. “The LTFRB is supposed to keep people safe, but it is doing the exact opposite. They damaged the progress made by Angkas and inconvenienced hundreds of thousands of users who relied on Angkas. Hopefully, Arcade City can help restore quality service.”

Arcade City embraces a new peer-to-peer model of ridesharing. Instead of controlling service providers from a corporate headquarters, Arcade City frees them to build up their own transportation businesses like true entrepreneurs.

Service providers are free to set their own rates, build their own recurring customer base, and offer additional services like deliveries or roadside assistance. Passengers can review driver or biker profiles in advance and choose the driver they prefer.

After Uber withdrew last year from Austin, Texas (USA), Arcade City built the world’s first self-governing ridesharing network, now totaling over 43,000 members. Arcade City Austin has provided safe, reliable city-wide transportation in Austin for the past eighteen months.

Instead of centrally setting policies, Arcade City encourages its service providers to form self-governing cooperatives called “guilds” and set their own policies to ensure the quality of service.

The new version of the Arcade City mobile app releases December 1 with in-app support for guilds and features specifically for motorcycle riders.

Arcade City has announced plans to allow users to share in company profits by issuing a cryptocurrency token on the Ethereum blockchain that will be given to all drivers and riders on the network.

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