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PATA Gold Awards 2023 Winners Announced

, PATA Gold Awards 2023 Winners Announced, eTurboNews | eTN

The famous PATA Gold Awards for 2023 were just announced and attracted 108 entries.

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This year’s awards recognize the achievements of 23 separate organizations and individuals, including the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA), Galaxy Entertainment Group, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Incheon Tourism Organization, Jeju Tourism Organization, Kerala Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, MGM China, Nepal Tourism Board, Sabah Tourism Board, Sands China Limited, Sivatel Bangkok Hotel, SriLankan Airlines, SOTC Travel Ltd, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Tourism Fiji, and TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd.

Under the guidance of PATA headquarters, 22 independent judges from around the world selected the winners of the 21 Gold Awards and two Grand Title Winners.

The PATA Grand Title Winners were presented with outstanding entries in two principal categories: Marketing and Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

MGM China, China, received the PATA Gold Award 2023 Grand Title in Marketing for its “Turning A Traditional Cultural Symbol Into A Marketing Catalyst” campaign.

Ten years ago, MGM launched the Lion IP brand strategy with the first Lion Dance Championship, leveraging the lion dance – an internationally recognized Lingnan culture icon — and turning this local cultural symbol into a long-term brand engagement strategy.

The company proposed the development concept of “tourism+”, which champions local culture as its central theme under the Lion IP strategy.

Using this one element, the team injected new vitality with modern techniques to create multiple touch points and experiences that ranged from art, exhibitions, and performances, to competitions and training programs.

These initiatives transformed a common, everyday language into a powerful cultural symbol that was embraced by audiences of all ages, transcending generations and regions.

The success of this strategy is seen through the results that proved how it resonates—and continues to resonate—with a local and global audience. Just as importantly, the strategy has not only inspired MGM but also reinvigorated the city of Macau.

The PATA Gold Award 2023 Grand Title in Sustainability and Social Responsibility was awarded to Waterbom Bali, Indonesia, for its innovative ‘Karmic Returns’ program.

The renowned waterpark, located in Bali, Indonesia, is at the forefront of sustainability practices. Since becoming the first waterpark to achieve carbon neutrality in 2017, Waterbom has set ambitious goals to become the world’s leading sustainable waterpark, focusing on waste, water, and energy reduction.

Through its vigilant ‘Green Team,’ the park meticulously monitors, records, and reports its resource consumption, fostering a team culture of ecological awareness. Waterbom employs various methods to conserve water, including rainwater harvesting and a closed-loop filtration system, while also replacing groundwater with recharge wells.

The park has an onsite waste management facility, where they create their own compost for gardens. In Q1 2023, they achieved a 97% recycling rate for materials and reduced waste sent to landfills to just 3.4%. Sustainability is deeply ingrained in the park’s ethos, influencing staff training and all operational facets.

This highlights Waterbom Bali’s exceptional dedication to environmental responsibility.

PATA Grand Title Winners 2023 

  1. Marketing
    Turning A Traditional Cultural Symbol Into A Marketing Catalyst
    MGM China, China
  2. Sustainability and Social Responsibility
    Karmic Returns
    Waterbom Bali, Indonesia

PATA Gold Award Winners 2023 – Marketing

  1. Marketing Campaign (National – Asia)
    Through the lens of GenZ
    Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong SAR
  2. Marketing Campaign (National – Pacific)
    Where Happiness Comes Naturally
    Tourism Fiji, Fiji
  3. Marketing Campaign (State and city – Global)
    Pack Up for Kerala
    Kerala Tourism, India
  4. Marketing – Carrier
    Around the Island
    SriLankan Airlines, Sri Lanka
  5. Marketing – Hospitality
    Melco Style x B. Duck @ Studio City
    Melco, Macao, China
  6. Marketing – Industry
    Kick – starting travel again & connecting diverse Indian traveler
    SOTC Travel Ltd, India
  7. Digital Marketing Campaign
    Incheon smart tourism project
    Incheon Tourism Organization, Korea (ROK)
  8. Printed Marketing Campaign
    Korea Unique Venue Promotion Project
    Korea Tourism Organization, Korea (ROK)
  9. Travel Video
    Catching Sabah
    Sabah Tourism Board, Malaysia  
  10. Travel Photograph
    A Valley in Bloom
    Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thailand
  11. Destination Article
    Hiking in Australia’s Healing Lands
    Rachel Lees, Australia 
  12. Business Article
    Fancy Feasts
    TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd, Singapore    

PATA Gold Award Winners 2023 – Sustainability & Social Responsibility

  1. Climate Change Initiative
    Galaxy Entertainment Group Environmental and Sustainability Practices
    Galaxy Entertainment Group, Macao, China
  2. Corporate and Social Responsibility
    Beacon of Sustainability
    Sivatel Bangkok Hotel, Thailand  
  3. Community-Based Tourism
    Kareum Stay
    Jeju Tourism Organization, Korea (ROK) 
  4. Culture
    The Revitalization of Old Phetchaburi Town Riverside Community through the Establishment of Cultural Community-Based Tourism
    Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration – DASTA, Thailand
  5. Heritage
    Rejuvenating and Appreciating
    MGM China, China
  6. Human Capital Development Initiative
    Sands Retail Academy – “Ticket To A Lifestyle Journey”
    Sands China Limited, Macao, China
  7. Tourism Destination Resilience (Asia Pacific)
    Alabao Bay Secret Land Reappearance Plan
    Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Chinese Taipei
  8. Tourism for All
    Leofoo Senior Travel Service
    Leofoo Tourism Group, Chinese Taipei
  9. Women Empowerment Initiative
    Sustainability and Social Responsibility
    Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal

Judges for the PATA Gold Awards 2023 were

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